Monday, February 18, 2013



The situation has become ridiculous!  If one has to live in Pakistan then one sure has to have a death wish of some sort or another.  It seems that we are all Evil Knevels playing with our lives by trying to go about our chores on a daily basis.  No city is safe, forget the crimes that happen on a daily basis we are talking about the fact that we have become accustomed to hearing about violence and tragedy to such an extent that if the news states that there is no violence in the city we think that something is wrong!

The not so intelligent agencies are doing nothing other than having their stooges jabber on like parrots that have learnt to keep on screaming that all is well.  On the other hand the people are confused and they seem to be in the mood to fashionably participate in “Dharnas” where it does not matter.  If one has to stage a sit in then why isn’t one held where the people who are supposed to do something about the law and order reside and preside. 

Why are all the people standing in empty fields and junctions when they should be calling out the nation and putting the fear of God in those who are simply supposed to do their jobs?  After all these people are paid by our taxes and by the levies that are enforced upon us so why not hold them accountable.  We say nothing when they award themselves plots of land and fabulous trips to destinations unknown with a goof troupe that will bring change.  Now the pressure is getting way beyond control and the pressure cooker (the awaam) is not whistling loudly it is screaming in agony.

Why are these people barking up the wrong tree when it’s empty? It’s time to hold all the people accountable who have taken the responsibility of providing our citizens security and its time we all made their lives a bit uncomfortable.  Tahir Ul Qadri proved it that the people have had enough and so have a lot of other people and now before vigilante justice takes over and there is total and complete anarchy we need to have an organized approach in dealing with these people who have not done their jobs.  I am not blaming the government as I believe strongly in democracy rather blaming those who voted with ulterior motives from bringing in the people they thought would secure them.

It’s time to move and as a nation take the reins of this wild runaway horse into our own hands.  If we do not and continue to scream and shout and mourn where no one is listening then we our selves are to blame if nothing happens. 

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