Monday, January 14, 2013


For the past few decades us citizens of Pakistan have had to bear with everything that would drive a normal person insane.  We have been through the worst of it all and have become very thick skinned.  We are a resilient nation that will never go down without a fight or getting the last one in.  It’s funny how the repeated vaccinations of any kind of trouble have made us robust and irrespective of the massive differences we have with each other we are now starting to come together. 

It may seem like panic and chaos across the nation where the Pakistani Army is at loggerheads with our nemesis India on one front and are now being begged to move their focus towards the Balochistan issues and intervene and take over.  Between all the insanity it’s ironic that a Demi-God politician sticks his tail between his legs and pegs it off to a sovereign nation for “special treatment”. “Ahem!”  The rivalry between the political rock stars has come to a grinding halt by a Canadian left wing unexpected surprise that has totally confused not only the masses but the old dogs in Pakistan’s every echelon that makes it tick legally and constitutionally.  God given natural emotional / political disasters have started slamming all their plans to divide and rule the nation for the next 5 years.  The Canadian entered through a back door and wreaked havoc just like “Gangnam Style” did in the music world.  To make matters worse for himself, the cricketer was called to do his bidding and join the cause against injustice on the long drive but instead scooted off to support a sit down.

As I ramble on I would also like to address that the recent drone attacks that were guided by an analog mind in a digital world merely fizzled out like the smell of flatulence in a field.  This time the students holding notepads and pens were almost as confused as the attacker as there was no consistency in the train of thought or maybe because through the guffaws, hacking, singing and ranting they all were wondering what had the father of the nation done in the current situation specially since he died over half a century ago.  To add to the final straws that would break the “donkey’s” (the awam’s) back the media spun off stories about a waderas antics and a bottom feeder from the police force who got no respect at all was all of a sudden one force not to be reckoned with.  Anyone online was overcome with a thirst to see the feudal hang.  I guess this is one thing that would shake the way that a lot of the people with at least twenty goons around them think as most of them know they are above the law.

As I was tweeting last night a friend tweeted “how many times must a man….. before you can call him a man” and I responded with “the answer my friend is blowing in the wind but the stench of the politicians rhetoric is too overpowering”.  Twenty seconds later I was Tsunami’ed by the harsh reality that a revolution had begun.  We as a nation have had enough and a small dinky mobile phone and an email address has become the most powerful weapon that is enough to mobilize millions into protesting and driving a wedge into anyone’s plans even if they are born with a name from a dying legacy that controlled Pakistan once.

For years the upper / middle classes have said that we are swarmed by illiterates and people fell for the ideology that the masses could be molded by the media.  The harsh reality is that ALL Pakistani’s are aware and very in the here and the now about what is going on. To add to it all in a nation where contacts work, everyone is somehow connected.  And the other harsh reality that slapped the media on the face was that they were no longer the ones who kept screaming freedom of the press.  Communications has become so key to leading this revolt in the way the people think that news spreads like mad via multiple mediums driving a stake right through the hearts of anyone wishing to conceal any plans.

My prediction is that in the days to come the media will portray that the situation is out of hand and that the Army has to come in but in the end I realize that it has its own problems.  As I sad as I started that we are thick skinned so as we have gotten used to putting our indifferences aside for a India / Pakistan cricket match we will now unite as a nation and find the right way forward.  I even feel that we will see new players emerging, a high level of mistrust and eventual political suicide for most of the veterans and new faces that will be the people’s voice! 

If you now want to fight for a cause you no longer need a gun all you need to do is speak up and you will be heard.  As I end this I would like to say that whilst there is silence in utopia (isloo) Allah has started answering the cries of the oppressed for many years.  Power to the people! Power to freedom of speech!  Pakistan Zindabad!


  1. Make sense, but the real fear should be if the army is divided on this issue or are they not capable to take charge. Good article!

  2. Army would have to make a strong strategy before stepping in, almost all divisions are already busy due to war on terror, Afghan and Indian border tensions.
    Clearly this system and corrupt regimes will face an end soon Insha'Allah. People must unite, there are a lot of challenges ahead. Road to revolution is not easy. May Allah help us. Pakistan Zindabad.

    Its a really nice article, thank you for sharing.