Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keeping It Clean

There are many concerns today being faced by Pakistanis.  One of the main concerns that affects both men and women is having a sanitary living and workspace.  Due to the alarming rate of growing pollution people are finding it harder to keep any kind of space clean.  Most families resort to the use of common cleaning detergents, soaps & chemicals and are quite unaware of what the side-effects can be. 

When it comes to the common household Phenyl’s there are so many variants in the market from several manufacturers but they all have one thing in common: that is the pungent and overpowering smell that most people relate to as a “hospital smell”.  However recently new brands have entered the market and just to name one “KLEEN 365” is quite unique as it provides the same effectiveness as the market players with one twist. “The products come with fragrances”, serving dual purposes of creating a fresh smelling environment as well as getting the job done. 

Most people are quite cost conscious when buying these products and after sampling many products we realized that the average person will purchase a product that they feel will come within a budget and often ignore reading the labels that state all the warnings including the benefits of the products. 

As we are in the midst of winters a lot of people like to light a coil to keep away mosquito’s and flies but little do they realize how harmful these products can really be.  90% of the coils manufactured today are compounded of waste wood shavings and mulch which has been sprayed over with various oils that are extremely toxic once airborne.  There is no health standard to be adhered to and people do not realize the impact upon the respiratory tract.  In our research we did come across a coil that was different. “TARGET” is a product that is made from safe bio-degradable vegetable composition and when burnt gives little if no smoke. This is micro-smoke technology that comes in many scents and is also not as harmful as many other locally available products.

It is advised that people should stay away from aerosol products that are there that are used as insect killers as these once again do not last too long and are on the whole not as effective as perceived.  There are several options like powders and water based liquids that are available that do not attract pests rather repel them and instantly kill them. 

The bottom line is that when you are looking for a solution to keep your desired area clean your top priority must be your health.  Most products may not have an instant effect on your body but exposure over any duration of time could be detrimental to your health and even lead to a fatality.  In closing we would like to request that you read the labels of various products before making your decision of what you would like to buy.

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