Thursday, June 28, 2012

Talent Idols - Restaurant Review Competition

When it comes to amusing one’s self in Pakistan the choices that one is left with are limited if at all any.  Here in this land of five provinces that is a culture each to themself our citizens have a very diverse range of tastes and culinary choices.  In all the dishes that one would find in this melting pot of cultures there is a complete fusion of foods and taste with heavy influences from not only the sub-continent but across from the far east and west as well.

People have written the odd article in the papers and written a blog or two about their favorite dish but mostly all the television and print mediums focus on the aspect of preparing culinary treats and not rating them.  With technology now the way it is and the way that information is able to flow there is a website known as that has set up Pakistan’s First ever video blog competition.  For the first time people can rate and video review their favorite restaurant and  / or dish and ensure that it gets published.  The information will be shared across on social media and if the public votes and likes the review then the critic / viewer will win a handsome prize.

Talent Idols Restaurant Review is something that is unique and gives unique value on several different platforms.  It makes the reviewer famous it makes the restaurants stand out and also allows the public to participate and vote on how they feel about the review and disagree if they wish to do so about the review.  There is no such TV show that reviews the eateries of Pakistan and gives an hones t criticism about them at all.  The masses do not have a single food and restaurant guide in this country that they can rely on and go by here say of others.

If you feel that you want to be a part of this new viral approach to rating your favorite place to eat and would like to make a difference and most of all win fantastic prizes based on your review then you must participate online in the Restaurant Review completion at

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