Thursday, June 28, 2012


The way the world is people are always looking for something or the other when they befriend someone, status, money, sex or whatever, there is always some hidden motive.   The world has changed and values have totally changed and now people cannot simply trust each other.  Betrayal is a common thing in any form and be it emotional or professional it has happened to each one of us somewhere, somehow and at some point in our lives.  

Recently I have been thinking about the tribulations of today’s society and I feel that it is impossible to survive if you are not a shark yourself.  We have become vicious in many ways and have adopted a survival instinct of passive aggressive insanity fueled by frustration of many a different kind.  Right from school days to the professional life there are so many stigmas emotional and physical that it is hard for the average sane person to keep up with the madding crowd.

This is a time when people are on two extremes but both have one thing in common that is that we are all omega wolves, away from any pack led by an alpha when it comes to companionship.  We have partners, emotional or spiritual or sexual but we still feel empty.  Nowadays relationships are turning out to be empty as there is so much pressure from all sides that people need a higher stimuli to keep them satisfied when in a relationship.  The other who just don’t care are part of the pack led by an Alpha Wolf and succumb to the norms of society as declared upon them not knowing the tribulations of being in a pack.

Most of the time people say that females get hurt more often but that is not true as there is no more a fine line defined between the sexes – guys just like girls are victims if they do not play their cards right.  There is a lot for the people of today’s society to digest today and emotional and mental puberty usually kicks in at about the age of nine or ten.  The age of information technology has defined how and who people are also due to this medium destroying boundaries and making it possible to connect with people anywhere at any time people’s loyalties have come to question.  It is very hard to define society circles and extremely hard to develop strong long lasting relationships that are actual and not platonically limited to a social network.

I have found that today people have spent more time in developing friends in numbers and increasing their outreach to a broader base of people who are acquaintances and forgotten about the quality of relationship which actually matters.  People have lost faith in best friends and have focused on socially acceptable friends.  I also think that relationships are no longer true as they are one-sided and people usually someone is insecure and worried about losing the other so it is unequal. Even marriages today have a catch to them where people find convenience as a cause to get married.  It seems that the whole romance of love has died.

I just wonder how often and when we will realize things and when we will go back to the good old values that once were.  They worked for our parents and majority of them are still together vs the high divorce rate of today.  I’m also curious to know what will happen in the future and after this social media revolution on society what the next big thing will be and how it will affect our social attributes.

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  1. Wow. This is the best thing I've read all week. It says everything that is on everyone's minds these days. The ambitious race to get to the top has resulted in us losing the essence of living itself.

    Something that I can really relate to is the part where you talk about relationships/friendships being hollow. It might be because of our busy lives or maybe it's because people like building protective barriers around themselves and prefer acquaintances now rather than real friends.

    The question you pose at the end is a good one. Let's see if social media brings people closer or just adds to our issues.0