Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The uncertainty in certainty!

Some times when you know that all is peachy but something bad is going to happen you get a sick feeling in your gut and then it crawls through your nerves making you think the unimaginable – This can be for any relationship that you are in – either work related or personal. It takes a lot of time for people to settle down from un-nerving situations.

One needs to understand the old Mafioso saying that “it’s only business” when certain unforeseen acts occur in their daily lives. Today the way that we are going one cannot plan for the future rather fire fight situations that are already out of hand as there is no mental security leave alone job security or relationship security. For example in the past few years there have been more divorces than ever before and in the business world there have been more global burnouts of companies that mushroomed and then imploded within their own nucleus’s. People have come and gone as fast as the eye could blink and human resources have been shuffled more times than one could say obnoxious in a minute.

Today’s generation need to understand that there is no security in anything and it does not matter where you are if you are a team player. People need to become aggressive and selfish serving one ego and that is their own and not the relationship that they are in. If one is able to protect themselves from harm and secure their own future then only will they be able to help those around them. It is sad to see so many martyrs ready to die for no cause at all in today’s age. When will people realize that the seventies have gone, Woodstock is over and that Janis Joplin stopped singing and is buried six feet under?

The workforce has many new terminologies that it has created to give a false impression of certainty to finding the nirvana that it so called promised its self. As the globes moves around the sun there is virtually no sense of hope amongst many people inn companies big or small leave alone nations. There was a saying that the world belonged to the good looking and intelligent but now it’s become a Amazonian river where there is a sink or swim situation where people try to avoid the piranhas and swim to the side only to be thrown back in the next day.

In my ranting’s all I can do is give this much advice that one should only fall in love once and that too with themselves. There is no “we” or “us” in this world only me myself and I if one is to survive this decade. The communications age has made it impossible to have relationships as one does not get a “Dear John” letter with a personal explanation. There is a simple email or text message telling you that it is over and that the ride was great while it lasted.

As I end this short note I sit and wonder how and where it all went wrong? If you have the answer please do let me know?

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  1. well I would call it "certainty of uncertainty" :)

    I agree with you to the extent that your 'first love' should be yourself and I mean all by yourself. BUT you should not live your life in this cubical for ever. There must be space or rather rooms to be shared and love to be extended. Ever heard of the phrase that "life comes a full circle". Make sure that you have shared enough so to have some back when you will need it most. :)