Thursday, April 5, 2012


There was a time when the internet was new to us and all we did was rely on telephones and actual face to face meeting with people to amuse ourselves. Email, cellphones and text messages were a business tool that were a luxury. As we evolved and these tools were no longer exclusive to the corporate world us human beings found other avenues for connecting and keeping in touch with one another. Today social networking is the “in” thing and everyone communicates on it.

There are many painful stories as well as success stories that vary from person to person.
It is extremely hard to venture out in to the internet world with a new social media product as there are so many of them out there that it’s simply not funny. Even though you might establish a portal or a social media site marketing it and making it catch on to a huge number of people so that it becomes profitable is next to impossible.

Online one needs to be unique and establish a signature style / service or product that is not really catered to in the world. There is a site known as a unique site that offers a complete online competition management system. Currently the website is designed to host video competitions and is completely integrated with social media so that when a user uploads an entry into any given competition they automatically share it with their whole network of friends and get them to vote on it.

Talent Idols is a site where people are able to comment and vote on video submissions and even set up and establish their own competitions. As video is the next best thing and we all believe that seeing is believing this website truly demonstrates how many talented people there are out there in the world today. People make things happen and people love fame so this portal / website caters to anyone’s vanity wishing to be famous. One of the best things about this avenue for online viral entertainment is that it does not need to be sold. The team that runs this system is very helpful and also helps drive traffic to each specific competition.

One needs to question in today’s day and age how does anyone make a buck through Talent Idols and the answer is quite simple - Let say for example if you are a manufacturer of sporting goods and wish to drive your sales you simply engage this team to set up a quirky video competition for you and get them to drive submissions for nominal prizes (everyone loves prizes) then you use these videos with your branding and the same team will make the content viral to your targeted market in any specific location of the world or even globally thus helping you get more interactive next generation marketing for the buck you are spending.

Even when a competition is over and the campaign winners have been announced the owner of the competition gets a lot o mileage as all the video content can be used in adverts and long after promotional marketing as well as traffic driven to their business online or in reality by increased sales and footfall into their outlets (If they are retailers)

People want to be famous and people love to see what other people are doing and even though if people want to do something out o the box this is the way to do it online. As this website is integrated with all the social media portals the possibilities for becoming famous are very high and talented people can easily be recognized. Whether you are a business or an individual you should check out and experience something new and unique (that is also fun and amusing). Give it a try and let the world know how talented you are.

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