Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keeping It Clean

There are many concerns today being faced by Pakistanis.  One of the main concerns that affects both men and women is having a sanitary living and workspace.  Due to the alarming rate of growing pollution people are finding it harder to keep any kind of space clean.  Most families resort to the use of common cleaning detergents, soaps & chemicals and are quite unaware of what the side-effects can be. 

When it comes to the common household Phenyl’s there are so many variants in the market from several manufacturers but they all have one thing in common: that is the pungent and overpowering smell that most people relate to as a “hospital smell”.  However recently new brands have entered the market and just to name one “KLEEN 365” is quite unique as it provides the same effectiveness as the market players with one twist. “The products come with fragrances”, serving dual purposes of creating a fresh smelling environment as well as getting the job done. 

Most people are quite cost conscious when buying these products and after sampling many products we realized that the average person will purchase a product that they feel will come within a budget and often ignore reading the labels that state all the warnings including the benefits of the products. 

As we are in the midst of winters a lot of people like to light a coil to keep away mosquito’s and flies but little do they realize how harmful these products can really be.  90% of the coils manufactured today are compounded of waste wood shavings and mulch which has been sprayed over with various oils that are extremely toxic once airborne.  There is no health standard to be adhered to and people do not realize the impact upon the respiratory tract.  In our research we did come across a coil that was different. “TARGET” is a product that is made from safe bio-degradable vegetable composition and when burnt gives little if no smoke. This is micro-smoke technology that comes in many scents and is also not as harmful as many other locally available products.

It is advised that people should stay away from aerosol products that are there that are used as insect killers as these once again do not last too long and are on the whole not as effective as perceived.  There are several options like powders and water based liquids that are available that do not attract pests rather repel them and instantly kill them. 

The bottom line is that when you are looking for a solution to keep your desired area clean your top priority must be your health.  Most products may not have an instant effect on your body but exposure over any duration of time could be detrimental to your health and even lead to a fatality.  In closing we would like to request that you read the labels of various products before making your decision of what you would like to buy.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


The way the world is people are always looking for something or the other when they befriend someone, status, money, sex or whatever, there is always some hidden motive.   The world has changed and values have totally changed and now people cannot simply trust each other.  Betrayal is a common thing in any form and be it emotional or professional it has happened to each one of us somewhere, somehow and at some point in our lives.  

Recently I have been thinking about the tribulations of today’s society and I feel that it is impossible to survive if you are not a shark yourself.  We have become vicious in many ways and have adopted a survival instinct of passive aggressive insanity fueled by frustration of many a different kind.  Right from school days to the professional life there are so many stigmas emotional and physical that it is hard for the average sane person to keep up with the madding crowd.

This is a time when people are on two extremes but both have one thing in common that is that we are all omega wolves, away from any pack led by an alpha when it comes to companionship.  We have partners, emotional or spiritual or sexual but we still feel empty.  Nowadays relationships are turning out to be empty as there is so much pressure from all sides that people need a higher stimuli to keep them satisfied when in a relationship.  The other who just don’t care are part of the pack led by an Alpha Wolf and succumb to the norms of society as declared upon them not knowing the tribulations of being in a pack.

Most of the time people say that females get hurt more often but that is not true as there is no more a fine line defined between the sexes – guys just like girls are victims if they do not play their cards right.  There is a lot for the people of today’s society to digest today and emotional and mental puberty usually kicks in at about the age of nine or ten.  The age of information technology has defined how and who people are also due to this medium destroying boundaries and making it possible to connect with people anywhere at any time people’s loyalties have come to question.  It is very hard to define society circles and extremely hard to develop strong long lasting relationships that are actual and not platonically limited to a social network.

I have found that today people have spent more time in developing friends in numbers and increasing their outreach to a broader base of people who are acquaintances and forgotten about the quality of relationship which actually matters.  People have lost faith in best friends and have focused on socially acceptable friends.  I also think that relationships are no longer true as they are one-sided and people usually someone is insecure and worried about losing the other so it is unequal. Even marriages today have a catch to them where people find convenience as a cause to get married.  It seems that the whole romance of love has died.

I just wonder how often and when we will realize things and when we will go back to the good old values that once were.  They worked for our parents and majority of them are still together vs the high divorce rate of today.  I’m also curious to know what will happen in the future and after this social media revolution on society what the next big thing will be and how it will affect our social attributes.

Talent Idols - Restaurant Review Competition

When it comes to amusing one’s self in Pakistan the choices that one is left with are limited if at all any.  Here in this land of five provinces that is a culture each to themself our citizens have a very diverse range of tastes and culinary choices.  In all the dishes that one would find in this melting pot of cultures there is a complete fusion of foods and taste with heavy influences from not only the sub-continent but across from the far east and west as well.

People have written the odd article in the papers and written a blog or two about their favorite dish but mostly all the television and print mediums focus on the aspect of preparing culinary treats and not rating them.  With technology now the way it is and the way that information is able to flow there is a website known as that has set up Pakistan’s First ever video blog competition.  For the first time people can rate and video review their favorite restaurant and  / or dish and ensure that it gets published.  The information will be shared across on social media and if the public votes and likes the review then the critic / viewer will win a handsome prize.

Talent Idols Restaurant Review is something that is unique and gives unique value on several different platforms.  It makes the reviewer famous it makes the restaurants stand out and also allows the public to participate and vote on how they feel about the review and disagree if they wish to do so about the review.  There is no such TV show that reviews the eateries of Pakistan and gives an hones t criticism about them at all.  The masses do not have a single food and restaurant guide in this country that they can rely on and go by here say of others.

If you feel that you want to be a part of this new viral approach to rating your favorite place to eat and would like to make a difference and most of all win fantastic prizes based on your review then you must participate online in the Restaurant Review completion at

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The uncertainty in certainty!

Some times when you know that all is peachy but something bad is going to happen you get a sick feeling in your gut and then it crawls through your nerves making you think the unimaginable – This can be for any relationship that you are in – either work related or personal. It takes a lot of time for people to settle down from un-nerving situations.

One needs to understand the old Mafioso saying that “it’s only business” when certain unforeseen acts occur in their daily lives. Today the way that we are going one cannot plan for the future rather fire fight situations that are already out of hand as there is no mental security leave alone job security or relationship security. For example in the past few years there have been more divorces than ever before and in the business world there have been more global burnouts of companies that mushroomed and then imploded within their own nucleus’s. People have come and gone as fast as the eye could blink and human resources have been shuffled more times than one could say obnoxious in a minute.

Today’s generation need to understand that there is no security in anything and it does not matter where you are if you are a team player. People need to become aggressive and selfish serving one ego and that is their own and not the relationship that they are in. If one is able to protect themselves from harm and secure their own future then only will they be able to help those around them. It is sad to see so many martyrs ready to die for no cause at all in today’s age. When will people realize that the seventies have gone, Woodstock is over and that Janis Joplin stopped singing and is buried six feet under?

The workforce has many new terminologies that it has created to give a false impression of certainty to finding the nirvana that it so called promised its self. As the globes moves around the sun there is virtually no sense of hope amongst many people inn companies big or small leave alone nations. There was a saying that the world belonged to the good looking and intelligent but now it’s become a Amazonian river where there is a sink or swim situation where people try to avoid the piranhas and swim to the side only to be thrown back in the next day.

In my ranting’s all I can do is give this much advice that one should only fall in love once and that too with themselves. There is no “we” or “us” in this world only me myself and I if one is to survive this decade. The communications age has made it impossible to have relationships as one does not get a “Dear John” letter with a personal explanation. There is a simple email or text message telling you that it is over and that the ride was great while it lasted.

As I end this short note I sit and wonder how and where it all went wrong? If you have the answer please do let me know?

Thursday, April 5, 2012


There was a time when the internet was new to us and all we did was rely on telephones and actual face to face meeting with people to amuse ourselves. Email, cellphones and text messages were a business tool that were a luxury. As we evolved and these tools were no longer exclusive to the corporate world us human beings found other avenues for connecting and keeping in touch with one another. Today social networking is the “in” thing and everyone communicates on it.

There are many painful stories as well as success stories that vary from person to person.
It is extremely hard to venture out in to the internet world with a new social media product as there are so many of them out there that it’s simply not funny. Even though you might establish a portal or a social media site marketing it and making it catch on to a huge number of people so that it becomes profitable is next to impossible.

Online one needs to be unique and establish a signature style / service or product that is not really catered to in the world. There is a site known as a unique site that offers a complete online competition management system. Currently the website is designed to host video competitions and is completely integrated with social media so that when a user uploads an entry into any given competition they automatically share it with their whole network of friends and get them to vote on it.

Talent Idols is a site where people are able to comment and vote on video submissions and even set up and establish their own competitions. As video is the next best thing and we all believe that seeing is believing this website truly demonstrates how many talented people there are out there in the world today. People make things happen and people love fame so this portal / website caters to anyone’s vanity wishing to be famous. One of the best things about this avenue for online viral entertainment is that it does not need to be sold. The team that runs this system is very helpful and also helps drive traffic to each specific competition.

One needs to question in today’s day and age how does anyone make a buck through Talent Idols and the answer is quite simple - Let say for example if you are a manufacturer of sporting goods and wish to drive your sales you simply engage this team to set up a quirky video competition for you and get them to drive submissions for nominal prizes (everyone loves prizes) then you use these videos with your branding and the same team will make the content viral to your targeted market in any specific location of the world or even globally thus helping you get more interactive next generation marketing for the buck you are spending.

Even when a competition is over and the campaign winners have been announced the owner of the competition gets a lot o mileage as all the video content can be used in adverts and long after promotional marketing as well as traffic driven to their business online or in reality by increased sales and footfall into their outlets (If they are retailers)

People want to be famous and people love to see what other people are doing and even though if people want to do something out o the box this is the way to do it online. As this website is integrated with all the social media portals the possibilities for becoming famous are very high and talented people can easily be recognized. Whether you are a business or an individual you should check out and experience something new and unique (that is also fun and amusing). Give it a try and let the world know how talented you are.