Thursday, October 20, 2011


We have all been in love at some point in our lives. Be it with a person, an animal or an object, the fascination just has driven us wild, and the feelings that we feel when the chemicals go mad within us refuse to let us think with clarity thus making us blurt out insignificant absurdities.

With this nation one can only hope that it's people fall in love with it again the way they did when it was formed and politics was an enjoyable innocent game. Today there is nothing but bad news on the television and every channel and its reporters are out on the hunt to find the most shameless story that they can be the first to report. Violent crime is on an increase and sometimes when one watches action movies people hardly flinch at the guts and gore depicted on the screen as they are all used to it as a part of their daily lives.

How did the average Pakistani fall out of love and become a self loathing, selfish heretic that has no sense or sensibility? How did the name of Islam become involved in everything that the West blames us for? How did the ritual killings of the innocent masses become "normal" when there is no love for justice towards the common man? Why do we sit and worry about things that will only upset us and not be bothered by what the other person is going through? Isn't there a decent soul left to lead this nation and cant we just find twenty five honest people that we would be proud to have in the national assembly?

The funny thing is that people talk and people state a lot of things to get far ahead and we are gullible bunch of fools who just cannot decide whether we want to listen to the truth or just be satisfied with silly excuses and false promises. The common man has lost a reason to live and Karachi was an example of a silent civil war within a nation. Now the adultery of politics has spread through out the entire nation thus bleeding every innocent heart until some form of radical self-survival thought process takes over.

Pakistan has a lot to offer and yet we never look beyond what the daily troubles are. We are constantly fire fighting issues and rather than building and progressing we are running ourselves dry in a rut that no sane person would ever dream to be a part of. We blame anything we can find to deliver us from the truth of reality and no matter how stretched the fantasy is we are always looking for a new high to help us formulate some plan to get one up on any situation in a reactive mode.

The last time that Pakistan was proactive Islamabad was developed and Lahore was fortified. The last time we went to the mattresses we lost Bangladesh and the last time we believed in a leader we lost our standing in the world economically.

Somebody needs to give the heroes (every citizen who lives yet another day) a reason to fall in love again. Life without love is bland and the path is blind which you go upon. Maybe the Taliban are an answer? Maybe Imran Khan or Altaf Bhai? Who only knows?

Every day we pray (some of us 5 times a day) for happiness health and prosperity and wealth. I wonder how many of us actually bow down and pray to fall in love again bearing the context of this article in mind?

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  1. i really liked....very motivating and a touchy blog