Saturday, October 22, 2011


There was a big hoo haa about Hillary Clinton’s visit to our country via Afghanistan. (Some how there always is a hoo haa about anyone who visits us from the west – even be it a relative coming to attend a funeral) This time Mrs. Clinton states that there were personal issues that she had brought to the table such as women’s rights and education for the girl child. Mean whilst Barack Obama made another statement yet about how they are working on bringing home their entire army in due course. The EU is in turmoil as it’s financially collapsing and struggling by playing ping pong with the IMF to keep things at a level where they look dignified whilst getting them selves out of the jam that they got them selves into.

The funny thing is that we rely so much on the west and lap up every word they blurt out to a ridiculous extent that we have no self identity. We have over the past two decades spent time money and resources in changing our direction so many times that the word consistency does not enter into ones mind when trying to describe our economy, politics or way of life. We are convenient Muslims, convenient citizens and convenient anything else that we can find to be. It just has to be convenient for us and convenient enough for people to believe that its convenient really.

The hysterical thing is that Pakistani students attain a higher ranking in the world than any student from any other country as the basics of education provided to them was solid. The average citizen is intelligent and if born on this soil we are born with an unknown talent of being natural born entrepreneurs. Our skilled labor is very good and the quality that can be produced goes unmatched as in Pakistan things have been working on Jugar for the longest period of time. Just give a handyman anything busted and he will make it faster better and more efficient. What he won’t give you will be a warranty for the stuff fixed as he’s gotten it working but himself does not know how. Bottom line if we have great qualities in us and were able to create the first computer virus out of Lahore then how is that we as a nation are so gullible to keep falling for the same shrewd smiles and fake promises time and time again.

If you look at the resources we have and stop giving away all the mining and extraction of coal to other nations (for example) you would see that we don’t need help from the outside. We have a surplus of energy and yet there’s not enough to go around. Every winters Punjab suffers a shortage of Gas and all its residents freeze for a few months. Karachiites are used to having tankers and if anyone gets water from a main line they consider them selves lucky.

Everyone has a special someone’s number they have saved when they need to have someone pushed around or get things done. If you tell anyone to stand in a line they will laugh at you as they honestly would not know what that meant. People are not what they used to be and values certainly are not what they used to be. Today’s child has more education by the age of ten which is unnecessary and that he will ever need compared to the average adult still trying to be young by buying himself an Ipad. When will we put our foot down and take a stand and not be afraid of what the circumstances would be. When will we be able to find the integrity within us to be able to say no and try to fend for our selves? When will we gain true independence from the West and when will we stop being conveniently yours?

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