Sunday, September 5, 2010


I am a patriotic Pakistani that lives in a green and not so white world… I am tired by the media supporting one main issue and that is that the west is to blame for all our problems. Before we begin our journey down the rabbit hole lets consider a few things!

British, American or if I am to be politically correct then western influences have infiltrated our society. The sad thing is that we cannot seem to control our uneducated masses so a vicious opportunistic element of society breeds hate between the masses. Multinationals like KFC, PEPSI COLA and Mc Donalds are the targeted focus of physical violence the minute some chappy with a stubble decides that he’s having a bad day at home… What irritates me the most is that the same loser will be first in line smelling of ittar for a mile away in Islamabad at the embassies that he has declared an uneducated jihad upon.

Have you actually considered what the Amreekan Multinationals do? Forget the crappy conspiracy theories set by disgruntled rejects who could not make it about the free mason philosophies on life and for a minute consider this. In Pakistan many US based companies provide shelter food and clothing to hundreds and thousands of our natives. They provide a way of life and their only requirement for the masses is that they educated. I’m talking about Pepsi Cola. We refer to Pepsi as Kala Pani and a 7up as white botal. Today one needs to understand that Pepsi provides for millions of families throughout the nation in the form of jobs.

In a discussion with one of its employees I learned that the company has a very strong CSR policy to do better and endorses all health related activities whilst maintaining the ideology that Pepsi or any other carbonated product is not a substitute for water. Pepsi believes that it is a recreational drink that may be consumed by those who responsibly consume it and it endorses the feeling of looking at like from a positive perspective. Ok so where the hell did the conspiracy theory pop up from that Pakistan is being sold of to Pepsi and American multinationals. I think it’s brilliant that Mc Donalds which has a completely Halal Pakistani menu in a lot of ways is a place for family recreation.

Why on earth do we listen to the ramblings of mad men who declare that an entire nation has something against us if it is geographically placed towards the west. It is simply disgusting at how the minds of the masses have been brainwashed by those who claim to be educated in the scriptures yet are blind to the reality of establishing that our religion is a progressive and positive way of life. This article was instigated when I heard a mad man instigate that we are oppressed and we are victims of terrorism our selves. How stupid! We can and will never be the victims of anything. Us Pakistanis are thick skinned and have the ability to bear the brunt of any kind of assault. Yet we don’t have the common sense to accept the reality of living in a global economy and social market place…

We all got our panties in a twist when facebook (completely American) shut down for a few days and went insane at another European country ignored the ramblings of a fascist loser. We never sat down and tried to understand that we have a choice and we make that choice in 1947 when we had this land carved out for us… Till today we have not taken responsibility for this land and are constantly passing the blame and beging for the buck…

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