Saturday, September 11, 2010


Ok today we celebrate and as we close our eyes we ingest alka seltzer then tomorrow we start our day with tons of Hamdard Isphaghol . As we are sink into depression as we always do because the mundane jazz essence of life is but filled with talk shawlk of what we will have to do and we go round the Rotarian merry go round trying to figure out why the world bank gave so much easy paisa to a land that could have been mopped up by people who used always as qtips it makes one wonder why the English biscuits left peeking freens at our door when we needed nido to feed those who would never have a shell to cover themselves with as the political saathis ensured that durex the their ecucation at Caltex they learned one thing and that was to plausibly deny this generation of or any reasonable doubt that forget disprin rather Prozac would do the treet as much as mach3 would help you shave you dignity from as much as a joey capsule would have you ladies cum first as your black berrys got thrown in with the evil levis that you donated to the ones who were drowning in a world of absolute ben and not so jerrys…

Now look at this PPP is peed and the mqm is available at civil junction in f7 where as the red bulls got run down by the three balls that rocked a nation. Your preffered choice is coke yet it must be from generation next and if you open your eyes in the morning then dew is definitely what you will not find as your vigos have gone to the flood affected areas and the red crescent moon set in stealing away asian development thus leaving your boxers in a a twist and often confused whilst ordering dessert to a butler in front of khaddi clad sony shop.

Okra is great for your health and you know it yet you love the innocent evil in swimming at the aqua lounge and your kids tell you there going gaming but they are stuck in the midst of a tribal situation where wateen refuses to connect. As they come home the losers ask wi of the tribe that lost the countersrike in understanding what websters could not explain to them thus your maybe link connection is something that pak china friendship might invest in.

Your Eidi is in the form a quaid e azam and youre extremely blue because the security papers printed document is a 20 beccause you mistook mustard for brown so now your like sam who sung his last song driving your motor that had a rola and have to act not so peeso’ed at the fact that you cant now afford to buy your girl friends many things from places like brands for less… ok so you catch air blue and pray it does not land near daman e koh rather some where where coke is filled in a studio so that you could go to zakas pharmacy to buy your selves a pair of anything except advil…

So as you sit and ponder why im rambling on and what kind of crack im smoking then please be rest assured that my simple 3M point was that after this flooding and all the salt that visited Pakistan what brands will actually survive the economy post eid? It’s going to be a tough one but as I’m simply bored I just wanted to let you know to your facebook that I would be very linked in if you twittered my endless ramblings and made me even more unpopular than I already am….

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