Friday, September 10, 2010


Rain rain make me cum again
My calculator short circuited as my palms are wet
I grabbed a condom and stuck it between my legs
What to do excitement has me wet
The aids will come and the ngos will laugh
Money to squander and 72 to virgins well blast
quetta Peshawar or sind you take your pick
stay away from isloo as its filled with salt and grit

rain rain make me cum again
my land is drowned in your pain
I abused what I had now you can wash it away
Piss down hard drain my sins today
I have no quarters for the washing machine of life
The day I was born I started to die
I forgot to respect the code of truth
Now its inevitable that jetskis will do

Thunder come and rock my world
My people are torn by your lighting and scorn
The oain you deliver is nothing to a soul
That has witnessed and lived diversity for years
I am a believer that Armageddon is near
So if I have to lie down and take it I might as well smile
My land is fertile with sin of soil
Give me some sun and show me the sky

Rain rain let me breate again
Nasdaq has my family on a train
The worlds piggy bank is drained again
Asian development became arrested again
Nature we fought we commited a sin
We burnt up our souls fasting with aids from within
The bearded ones laugh at the airport of life
Wanted heaven so badly not willing to die

Scream at my pain and my people will shy
From the insanity of your vanity all caught up in strife
Can you discover who you really are
Will you respect the mother of your child
Can you look at what you cant see
Will you believe there is a God on this eid
Will you run from the darkness into my pain
Open your eyes and throw your damn calculators away

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