Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When apple came out with the IPAD it was something I looked forward to and after using it I became very dismayed that all my hopes and dreams were quashed as it was basically a larger version of an ipod and a toy that I found only useful to a geriatric who needed to hold a screen big enough to play their songs. As a business tool it was fragile and useless and defied all the laws that a conventional business would need. So in short it was just a frail effort that apple came out with to try and excite the overtly gay mac user.

After this as I am coder I was introduced to the new RIM 9800 which was as we call a hybrid – an iphone with blackberry services… Ho hum now we can get mails and still look at a small screen… When the PLAYBOOK was an idea I was worried that RIM had stretched its self too thin and it was going to be a disaster merging the world of multimedia with the world of business… Sadly I am wrong and RIM has done an excellent job at bringing business to the MAC world.

The playbook is a powerful tool and is capable of several multitasking functions yet with the ability to enforce serious gaming and graphical attributes that it boasts… The play book is not a toy rather it is the ultimate weapon for the new corporate soldier. This tablet has everything that one could want with expansion capabilities and a standby time that is unheard of… It has the ability to remotely login and control an entire government facility and also has two cameras one in the front and one at the back which allow you to smile at a person and take multiple images or record hi definition movies at the same time…

The new operating system is superfast and you will be sure that when your torches go out and you’re in the dark the playbook will allow you the luxury of dancing to the tunes that you missed on the radio whilst delivering your invoices to those who need them in a glance.

This is not a toy – repeat it is a weapon that will have the ability to make you or break you if you sit down and once get adjusted to its complexities… The funny thing is that since RIM has created a perfect hybrid that merges all the functions that one would need it makes me question one thing… Is this the next gen laptop from a company that made ugly phones… They say if you dress anything in black it will look good and the playbook looks damn sexy. The image its design conveys is that of pure beauty and sleek class that one finds hard to buy.

The best thing is that whilst it’s a tablet one can conveniently hide it away in a medium sized handbag as it is not at all bulky. Rather this book I am sure will be the easiest to swallow tablet that any tech company made. With this in mind I am happy to state that RIM today is one company that has evolved with time and adapted to the need to of the consumer and one of the best things that RIM has done is price it right… Sadly the saying “once you go MAC there’s no turning back! Is no longer true as this is the future from a company that has managed to draw the line and mark its self as one who understands its clients… For the first time RIM is allowing its consumers to define what they want by writng applications that they will actually use globally… For more information please see what is written on BBC website and I look forward to you trying the playbook… I know it will be a brilliant investment… If you’re looking for what to do with your IPAD my suggestion is that it would make a funky coaster for your coffee…

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