Friday, September 10, 2010


I love a few things about the west as I was a resident in a few country for about a decade whilst I was supposed to be educated. I guess rock and roll – witnessing live aid, meeting interesting people and the Woodstock concept of life really appealed to me… I was as jimmy buffet says “cheese burger in paradise” only thing was that I had my identity of being patriotic and was a nihari come biriyani and sajjay paya in an alacarte restaurant where farts don’t smell…

I witnessed several holidays and was always awed that despite social issues that plague every nation how the western world comes together as one at times of Christmas, Easter, Labor Day (not when your wife is about to deliver) but they are addicted to celebrating with full joy even thrugh their katrina’s and 911 the simple joy of bonding as a family unit under one roof. The western world spends like mad on establishing and reconnecting with lost loved ones just for that moment of time before they get reverse spun back into their every day lives of insanity.

Sadly as Eid is upon us tonight I am deeply saddened that my country has no Christmas (actually Eid) lights on. The reasons vary from the recent floods that have hit us to what we have been living with as in the form of any excuse that we can to justify our electricity problems… The extremely weird thing is that we have rivers, dams, solar and wind energy resources yet to this date my country manages to import electricity from its neighbors as the demand for seeing the light is not enough to be compensated by the frivolous wastage and the blinding insanity that gives us the reason to fight back against the bleeding of power that happens the minute a spark leaves the hydro turbines to the minute it reaches a home.

Pakistan is geographically extremely well placed and as we are true believers of islam I am ecstatic to say that the Gods have been kind upon is with the natural resources that we have. I think if one looks at what a country has then definitely one can state that Pakistani’s are very lucky people… In the 80’s our Eid (the equivalent to a western Christmas) was a joyous time… That was the time that we were not ravaged by technology and we had a hidden agenda or many social issues… When Eid was round the corner I witnessed people from all walks of life smiling at the fact that they had as a nation pulled through the month of fasting. Humility was a key issue which we focused on and our prayers were just took a minute as all we did was thank the almighty for bestowing upon the beauty of life and family.

I was witness to my nephews comment as when I asked him what he wanted to do on our chaad raat (eve before Eid) he simply stated that we should visit any place that has electricity… In a fervor of thought and mixed emotion I could not help but feel his pain as when a 9 year old complains that his childhood is robbed away due to the non existenc of the basic amenities being available it makes you feel that no matter what you strive or struggle to do is futile as you are fighting a useless battle against forces way beyond God’s control…

I am not claiming that any one specific is to blame rather I am questioning that as a child I witnessed a different country where we celebrated life by illuminating our whole country… so what the hell happened thirty years later after we accepted democracy. What has my nephew done to deserve this childhood? If holidays are meant to revive family values and establish that ond of love between us as families then why is everything so dark…

We had our floods we had our earth quake we climbed out of the rubble once and now we are swimming for our lives again. The only thing is that we may be tough skinned but the shore to which we swim is bordering on the dark horizons of the vanity of a chosen few.

Today I guess the only Eid present I can justify giving to my nephew is a generator and on my eid prayers ask God to bring wisdom that allows people to start thinking about solar and wind power that would help alleviate the attitude within the short circuited depressed youth..

Let’s hope the lights don’t go out when santa come around…

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