Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today millions died! As you closed your eyes last night and went off into slumber all the souls of Pakistan were being bartered for between Lucifer and Gabriel. The funny thing is that there is no place for them in heaven or hell and the reason is quite simple. These souls are innocent but not pure yet there is no definition between right and wrong, black or white in their hearts. These are filled with shades of grey.

We are sad to say that when the floods came a natural disaster of unimaginable magnitude those who were affected were torn apart by those people who sold an entire school of thought behind this culture in greed and sin all in the name of charity. Those from the elite class of society were very impressed as their offspring stood at street corners and collected handouts from the passing traffic and they themselves were too busy preparing speeches as to how they had to do without as they had their maids tuck and fold scores of 501’s and high heeled shoes to give to those who have had to spend at least a day figuring out how to wear these garments.

Today Pakistan is a piece of land that has been carved out in 1947 by some disgruntled European and there is more diversity in every school of thought that exists in it rather than as the Americans love to state as a two word abbreviation for their own land known as the “melting pot”. These dead and unwanted souls will never be able to live on earth in peace and will tear each other to pieces by the time the day of judgment arrives. Even though there was a disaster proper opportunity was not taken advantage of and people focused more on other elements of self gratification rather than trying to preserve this culture though education.

Right now the main issue is to educate people and teach them to live a normal life. In Pakistan people are more delighted by the ridiculous elements that the west presents to them distracting them from the core issues. Pakistan needs to move or amalgamate the ministry of defense the Higher Education Commission and the ministry of education into a single unit and breed an army of educated souls that might actually be able to answer for their sins on the day of judgment rather than passing the blame to one another.

We need a governor of education that will educate the women how not to have a million offspring in the rural areas and establish that the ethos behind roti kapra and makaan is that one must go out and struggle to better their lives and not swoon to the politics of the illiterate self righteous clerics who seek profit in everything from a nikah to a divorce. We need to spend the next ten years educating the Girl child and re habilitating her so that from the stage of being a girl child she is not sold or thrown into woman / motherhood under a heaving and gasping eighty year old.

Protecting the girl child of Pakistan is what the theme for the flood should be. She will mother your next generation of leaders, she will suckle those who will fight for you and she will be a fierce force not to be reckoned with. Educating the women of today and the girl child is what Pakistan needs to focus on and not how to distribute Gucci and Prada to the masses who will have no respect for them. Our nation when it died was not murdered. It committed suicide and irrespective of who we blame the loss will be felt by our offspring and their legacies.

If you want to save Pakistan do the right thing. Spend your money on educating the masses and focus on educating your daughters. Let the respect for society and the true wonderful way of Pakistani life never die out as when we look at life we feel hopeless. It is time that we did a jihad and that too for a noble cause. There is no book of law or any book of religion that would stand opposing you if you educated the daughters of Pakistan. Help Pakistan break free of the chains of emotional and mental slavery from its own be doing the right thing…

You can make a difference today by hanging on to your Deepak Peerwani and Sonia Batla outfits and actually making the right choice… Education otherwise the news papers should pretty much start changing their names to orbituary namas!

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