Tuesday, September 14, 2010


When I was growing up and was a weee lad I had always been mystified by the word computer . It was something that I perceived that only someone who was in a white lab coat with thick glasses and a millions pens in his breast pocket would be able to operate – in short a nerd… As I wobbled my way through the 80’s movies like weird science etc definitely blew away the possibilities of me understanding if this was ever possible. In the early eighties a drama came on ptv with an extremely well known cast that was in urdu “robot”. Yes we as a nation in the early eighties started to get infected by the technology virus. In fact it’s quite weird that what we thought as a basic if not complicated calculator has managed to infiltrate into our lives as an extremely inexpensive option for entertainment.

As I have seen the development of technology and been a part of the geek squad that established the first call center in Pakistan as well as remained as the COO of various semi government organizations I have always been on the verge of trying not to get addicted to anti depressants as this new found industry (only a few years old) is extremely volatile, versatile and extremely progressive (both in the negative and positive sense)

In order to run with the technology presented to a person today one needs to understand a few basics when trying to figure it out… You need a tool kit with three basic items… (Large sized band aids / one strip of prozac and one of asprin / and a box of tissues) the reason is because you will need the tissues to wipe your tears as you make over smart and uneducated guesses once you have invested your funds. The band aid will be to wrap on your forehead after you are done banging your head on your desk or door and the pain killers and mood stabilizers will be to prevent you going nuts and an excuse to justify to your family that you are actually insane now that you blew up their life savings…

The world of technology in Pakistan is a viciously ridiculous world with many verticals in it and in order to attain success on needs to establish a line of focus. There are those who dance around the idea of technology and its possibilities and then there are those who have the educated time tested ability to ensure that it can either be an extremely powerful tool to help any industry do very well. This I learnt from a select few people who I have the utmost respect for – lets talk of their achievements in another one of my ramblings…

Now this article is NAYATEL KI PURANI BAAT do you know why… The reason is that NAYATEL is actually a spin off an ISP which has withstood the test of time by providing quality services to the residents of Islamabad over a period of time… Yes it has had its hiccups and we all think that anyone in the tech world is a bit crazy and if they are from Pakistan the your perception is that of someone who is very over smart with the functions CTRL X and CTRL V and totally uneducated with respect to having any sensitivity to the consumers needs. But for Nayatel that is not true. It’s perception of Islamabad and its ability to provide niche market clients has made it a pioneer and even gotten Islamabad world recognition – something that world call tried for ages to do with Lahore and Karachi…

Nayatel has laid fiber across Islamabad thus being able to provide Fiber To The home facilities for the residents of Islamabad – but really the business clientele. This as we know in techie jargon is FTTH capabilities. Nayatel has long ago put Islamabad which is one of the selected few cities (less that 2 digit numbers here) on the map in being able to implement the true essence of high speeds on the internet and now triple play (voice . video & gaming and data services)

The really funny thing is that it’s CEO and one of its main architects is not one to be party hopping around as a social butterfly in Islamabad. He has a firm grip on reality and is a fantastic custodian of the power he wields in his constant effort to ensure that Islamabad can communicate efficiently. One more thing that I like about this man and his team is that they have justified their GIK education by ensuring that they place the right people to do the right job. There is a saying that if everyone likes you then you have a major problem with your personality and if everyone hates you then your famous… Humility and the Islamic way of doing business have taken precedence here as by maintaining an honest approach to meeting complaints I know that this establishment has an extremely loyal client base.

The one window approach to providing convenience comfort and by not being at the mercy of a line man has allowed our federal capital to be the chosen preferred choice for many people wanting to invest in technology from abroad. The reason this article was named what it is – is because when Pakistan was getting used to DSL Nayatel was millenniums ahead in laying out its plans and actually delivering them… If you are looking for an ISP provider – take a peek or have a chat with its CEO and maybe he could give you a solution… no it won’t be expensive and their coffee is great too!

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