Saturday, September 18, 2010


Lately Pakistan has become a rocking swimming pool filled with agony pain and strife! Even the UN sent SALT to come and help us heal our open wounds… But this agony that has been cause by uncontrollable acts of God is nothing compared to the un-necessary destruction of an entire nation’s morale which is already beaten, downtrodden, smashed and destroyed by what has happened to it.

Last night on the news I was watching all my TV channels and I noticed that the news was torn between good and bad news… The frightening elements were that whilst Pakistan was being rocked by an earthquake the media was declaring our victory in the United Kingdom at the oval. As people started rejoicing someone in a top hat decided that their tea and crumpets don’t taste so good so they decided to proclaim that a brilliant defeat was rigged.

The amusing thing is I want to delve into history by stating that I guess this humiliation in defeat started on August the 14th 1947. The Bulldogs never got over the fact that they had to give back what was never theirs. As we are the stepchild of a nation who wanted and still wants a lot from us in the form of resources it openly refuses to acknowledge that the mem-saab era is over. The new faction in the british free mason class have come to power and are obnoxiously open in declaring that anything east of its borders is unworthy of respect. I am shocked to hear that this witch hunt for corruption has not ended as in the United Kingdom it is still legal to gamble and they believe that all the revenues from dog racing or cock fighting or ball watching goes to feed their social security needs.

Forget gambling the main issue is that what on earth is Britain thinking when the declare that a match is rigged by one team especially when it takes two sides to play this game. Let’s not get emotional here just sit and think for a minute even if there is gambling going on then, that nation in the united kingdom openly endorses it… Now go further back to the 1700’s. When the Brits went west looking for land they saw America… They met Red Indians how did they destroy them… They infiltrated it with two elements to entirely rupture a complete way of life based upon spirituality known as alcohol and gambling. Once the red Indians were no longer in their senses they gambled and made them lose their land. To establish they were superior they imported human beings from Africa and eventually between the Boston Tea Party and the Texas massacre they were left divided themselves…

I’m ending my short note just as a protest that when one is defeated one needs to understand it and not bear a grudge as that is not at all sportsman like at all… I only have one question to ask the British the Chinese don’t play cricket so what are they going to get them for as they also had to withdraw from Hong Kong? Post your comments and share this with the world…

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  1. Agreed 100%. Your note is worth calling it a "food for thought & THEN ACT.

    But my simple question is "WHAT"?