Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We really are a frustrated bored lot… on the way home a good accident is something we all enjoy watching and really to escape from our own boredom our adrenalin gets pumping when we see blood and guts at the scene… we are fueled up like coke junkies who have just had a fix as we are armed with gossip to talk about rather than how sucky life really is..

Assumptions are the reason to blame when our Mouche was shaved when Bush got trimmed from the white house. A white spot was the assumption that led Clinton to the verge of divorce and too that was an assumption. Democracy and World peace is also an assumption which has lead to the ousted colonial occupation of the MEA and SEA region. Lately assumptions are what killed those two boys in Sialkot. Assumptions are what has destroyed our three finest cricketers.

Now let’s go reverse gear for a second back a few decades Pakistan won the world cup and its captain made a speech about mommy’s dream and paid no tribute to the team that worked for the world cup… he came back to be the only one to drive a 911 porsche in Pakistan (white) and then no one assumed where the money came from.

A man was accused of corruption and people assumed that he was going to hanged the assumption was that if there was dirt in Pakistan he is it. Today He is president! A man ran away from Pakistan and was assumed to be coming back to save Sindh today he is found screaming and singing on a telephone to a crowd that swoons to his tune and the assumption is still there… the latest of the assumptions were that we would do anything for the floods but the media is now focused on finding any bit of dirt it can on anything and anyone with a mobile is a dost…. Is that also an assumption…

We had one thing to look forward to and that was cricket and till date no man have I seen who has been born with three balls to rock the world as the headlines state… Us Pakistanis are intelligent and incredibly shrewd business men yet our social stigmas have made us blind to the fact that we cannot to this date pronounce ASS-U-ME… How sad as the latest series of number plates in Sindh begin with ASS and have been taken up by most of the literate governing elite…

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