Sunday, September 19, 2010


As all my friends are from the arty farty world of style I have always watched them from up close and afar try to achieve some kind of spiritual nirvana in their creativity. In my critical world of brutally harsh opinions one star has managed to shine through and make a difference and I’m please to say that today she has published a book through Penguin Books. She is remarkably to the point, witty and disgustingly original in a world which harbors on plagiarism from the west as an accepted norm of creativity in the subcontinent.

Her name was Magoo as I knew her at the Sind Club when she was like Three feet high. Today when I completed the brilliant novel BEAUTIFUL FROM THIS ANGLE, I realized that Maha Khan Phillip’s had reached amazing heights as an amazing author who whilst not leaving the grip of reality paints an amazing yet surreal depiction of Karachi and the beauty within its ugly societies. I am a great fan of Salvador Dali and having met him at the end of the eighties before his death in Florida at the opening of his Museum in St. Petersburg I was educated as to what originality was. After that in all my travels around the world I never fund such brilliance in literary or any art content. After reading this book I know that this genius if alive would sit down and cry at the originality in the subliminal messages and extremely well crafted surreal flow of the novel.

This book is an amazing read for all walks of life and actually an interesting lesson as to what pleasure and pain one feels in trying to be the it crowd. Whilst we Karachiites are oblivious to the world beyond Clifton bridge Maha has depicted clearly that irrespective of the physical proximity one still feels the distance in relationships and no matter whether you drive a signature vehicle or if you smoke a King Edward cigar there are issues faced by every element of society… I always clapped in an audience when someone achieved something in my jolly bunch of pirates from the KAS & KGS crowd – Today I want to be the first one to lead a standing ovation for someone who is remarkably well versed in literary content! I strongly urge you to read this book and I guarantee that you will embrace the dictator and not divorce him and will love the brilliance of feudalism fused with the art world… Well done Maha! I am eagerly waiting for your next concoction of words.

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