Friday, September 10, 2010


I am a Muslim and damn proud of it. I am one to also follow the philosophy that to see something is to believe it and more over to witness something is better… Today I present before you an ironic eye-witness report as the clocks hands move to mark another year gone by which the world will never forget. “911”

Today I am surrounded by vultures holding onto microphones and prodding some small town pastor into committing a deadly sin and that is giving into vanity and greed. Today I as a nation am blamed for being barbaric and ruthless as I supposedly am the root cause for all the problems arising in the west. Today my nation is feared for harboring terrorists irrespective of the fact that 21 million are homeless and my foreign minister / prime minister and president are the custodians of guilt for being helpless to a mob of camera wielding vampires who just want to see them in their worst moment. Today I am subject to pain and suffering of emotional kind and no court of law would grant me the compensation that I demand to make it right – which is reversing time.

No I am not perfect as a nation and no I am not one to cast stones yet I have a weird kinky smile on my face because as a man driven by the media is about to burn my holy book of scriptures he cannot control what God wanted as he has been rendered useless as a messiah. TODAY ON 911 MY WHOLE GLOBAL NATION OF ISLAM CELEBRATES AN ENTIRE MONTH OF FASTING – we have spent an entire month learning to be more humble, more respectful of the Almighty and mankind and understanding that we will have to answer for our sins on the day of judgment…

Today I am truly at peace and one with my global family because I realize that if one man burns one Quran it will not destroy my nation of Islam. I got this epiphany as I stared at one of my favorite paintings by the great Dali “the melting clocks” I realized that as the world turns physically someone somewhere is calling to all to come to prayer… Its simply gorgeous as when I was thinking this the azaan of all azaans which declares that Ramadan is over sent a shiver down my spine. I realized that every 10 or fifteen minutes during an entire twenty four hours we muslims somewhere around the world are on our knees bowing to the almighty. We preach peace and forgiveness and I am sure all the prayers must have been heard around the world that Allah the almighty ensured that Today on 911 it would be a day of rejoicing forgiveness and understanding in a nation that is considered to be barbaric and a threat to the west.

As I end my realization of how ironic fate can be I forgive those for thinking that I am plotting to destroy another culture when I’m barely able to doggy paddle in my own flood of problems… To all my muslim brothers and sisters – thank you for forgiving and understanding that we are one as a nation of Islam and that our religion is one of peace and love… eid Mubarak!

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