Wednesday, September 8, 2010

500,000 FUNERALS!

I was born in 1974 and ever since the day I was able to comprehend any lingo I was always subjected to the fact that us Pakistanis are a victim. We have always claimed that we are subject to oppression, genocide, sectarian violence, sexual in-equality and are the victims of what the west decides to not favor us with. The second thing I realized is that we do not have the ability to digest or comprehend a simple two letter word known as “NO”. Even I am guilty of throwing a personal touch or adding an emotional element when things don’t go my way… The third and the last thing I know for a fact is that we run for short term satisfaction and are blind to harsh realities that face us in te form of consequences that are due to our own past actions…

The really messed up thing is that today we are in the midst of a crisis and we are blind with lust in dividing up the booty… (donations) every one with any influence is sitting on the sidelines of this chicken fight waiting to catch a drumstick out of this calamity.

It is simply disgusting that we don’t look at the core issues on how to address this disaster rather we are digging in our closets trying to find what prada bag or what Kenneth cole pumps we would like to donate to someone who would not have any value for it… The United Nations have screamed to the world that there are over 500,000 pregnant women in the flood affected areas and a lot of them are due to deliver their offspring shortly… We love to be for funds and buy a big land cruiser with tax free money to suit us to go to big meetings but what the hell are we doing about these people who are in dire straits.

These women need your support other wise you better get your shovels out and start digging close to a million graves. We need to educate these women through our medical students on how to fend for a child and especially ensure the midwives don’t end up creating a mid life crisis… the infant mortality rate will sky rocket and I am sure this will never affect you as your friends stand on the road sides with hep t-shirts trying to do what the beggars are good for..

For crying out loud use your plastic slums and not so Cambridge degrees for the good of this country… if you are a Rotarian stop going round and round with plausibly deniable reasons to come up with hard to digest solutions… fight for the HEC fight for education and help save a generation… I don’t mean those who are going to die I mean your own children… Since you love to talk about family values excerise the power of your voice now and fight for the 600,000 women and children that are going to see the light of day in utter misery as soon as they take their first breath…

This generation that is you will not have any social security leave alone personal security if you do not take a stand for education now… if you invest in this army of educated people you will resolve half you social issues that you run away from… these people are innocent as they are uneducated and their reactions will be highly emotional as they don’t know better… before they blame you educate them so they can take responsibility for their actions… if not then burn your degrees and torch your schools and colleges and all lets pick up spears and shields but admit that you cant face reality… Education is the solution to stop almost a million funerals from taking place. If you have a daughter you might understand if not then leave her in sohrab goth for one night in her skin tight levis and t-shirt that says thank god its Friday… I’m sure you ll be wearing a t-shirt saying Oh God Its Monday!

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