Friday, August 27, 2010


PARALLEL 01 - TIME – 0630 – scratching his bum and conscience a man wakes up and wanders off to his kitchen puts on water to boil and then goes to the shower. He has had a terrible night of sleep as the sporadic availability of electricity has destroyed his ability to have any patriotic sense….
PARALLEL 02 - TIME – 0630 – a man awakes from a nightmare filled slumber from the demons who attacked him in his office and beat the crap out of him and when home they also invaded his sleep and made the night ridiculously uncomfortable…

PARALLEL 01 - TIME – 0730 – having gathered his wits amongst his things for the office the man departs in his vehicle for office. His focused is shifted to the fact if he will make it alive to his destination or not. He is a medical doctor and an educator somehow still educating himself daily as to the harsh realities faced by an unexpected states of circumstances that fall upon him….
PARALLEL 02 - TIME – 0730 – after having awoken and swallowed several doses of virtual Prozac this man picks up the pieces of his humanity and faith in the country. He is a doctor and somehow every cure that he has does not seem to work for his cause… he drives to work through the greenery wondering how much will be chopped down today and stolen if not that…

PARALLEL 01 - TIME – 0800 – the worlds bank have failed his system and as he enters the halls of his university he wonders if this was the right choice to have made years ago. A civil servant he can’t see civilization anywhere near and is surrounded by the barbarianism of the student mafia.
PARALLEL 02 - TIME – 0800 – Asian development is at a high and high people are trying to gather their resources to develop Asia. This doctor is the one who will have to administer a lethal injection to over twenty thousand futures that will lose hope in a nation. And high amount of narcotic based tranquilizers in the form of bull shit to a nation that will strip his office for not meeting a promise made over half a decade ago when he was not the one to promise it.
PARALLEL 01 - TIME – 1130 – the cup of coffee is washed down with several disprin and after a few phone calls have been made at how terrible it is that as a doctor he is not doing his bit. He has been mentally bashed by his administration for all that is wrong. A witness to some pirates who are robbing him of the fame of his achievements and students who are too busy in the world of politics rather than finding how to read greys anatomy
PARALLEL 02 - TIME – 1130 – the smile has gone and the tie feels tighter the man who is supposed to doctor the whole structure of today’s future has become a cheap bargaining tool across a table from a bunch of those who have no respect for this mans intelligence. He has to justify every move, have all his departments work plagiarized and sold off and receive no loyalties or royalties…

PARALLEL 01 - TIME – 1630 – This man has just finished reconstructing the battered body of a human being lying on a table and does not have the strength to tell his family that it will happen again as the 12 year old boy is from the minorities. He has to play an angel and savior whilst his peers question God and his enemies declare him satan. It is Ramadan so as he head home he forgets the every day issues and starts his suffer ki dua. He prays that he may not suffer when his car is stolen and that he die a painless death at the hands of whom so ever comes to rob him of his medical journals. Lastly he does his salaam with the hope he can do salaam to his wife and children when he reaches home.
PARALLEL 02 - TIME – 1630 – questioning fate and scratching his head all those research papers and education in engineering never taught him politics and denied him the fore advice that he should leave his conscience at home and dump integrity in his brief case when he sat at his desk. The halls are empty the lights are off and here he in the mids of the month of fasting figuring out the most politest way to beg for Pakistan’s future. He puts on a coat and as he walks out he is looked upon with smiles that only hyenas’ would have when they see you as their next meal…

The above is a brief nutshell of how two doctors spend their day. One is a maxillofacial surgeon and the head of a department at Hamdard University in Karachi the other is a PHD from Purdue (not only famous for its chickens) in the United States and now based in the Ministry of Education in Islamabad. Both are educated and working together in different parallel worlds with a lot of similarities. The facts are that they both are highly educated and extremely intelligent. The shocking truth is that they both are highly ridiculed and mocked and extremely disrespected by those who expect them to take the responsibility for decisions that will be made for them…
How sad and how unfortunately true? Maybe they would have had more luck dabbling in the corrupt guide wires of WAPDA and as butchers serving meat to the masses fro the drowned flood animals… after all degree to degree hai… kiya kar saktay hain agar genuine hai….

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