Sunday, August 29, 2010


Within the international community this week focuses on children with special needs! That is wonderful… I would like to ask all my citizens to specially focus on our 300+ special children. We need to understand that parenting today is extremely difficult and the monsters we see today are because we raised them to be this way.

Our little pack of special wolves has the special Alpha Male who does nothing rather than be extremely special. His close ally the stammering Mamoo special child is extremely challenged without any grey matter and we are very lucky that he is able to now read the words of any speech written for him as strong amounts of lithium are able to help cure the stammer…

Our special children have a home in Islamabad where they all assemble every couple of weeks to indulge in releasing their frustrations via screaming shouting and being obnoxious. Aah the joys of loving special children. What makes them incredibly special is the fact that we made them so special… We encourage their special extracurricular activities and fuel their special needs for more power even though there is none in this country. How wonderfully special we feel when our little tykes find many ways to rob us blind and yet smile at us in the who me cheek manner…

Please this month if you can with all the water around try not to flush your areas special child as love (emotional not physical) is a very curing factor… every special child needs love even if they are a badmash or they don’t have the certifications from a university to guarantee their specialness… it’s a good cause so love your special child this week!

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