Saturday, August 21, 2010


As Pakistanis we gained our independence in the glorious year of 1947 August 14th We gained a lot that day.  We gained the right o march down from the Himalayas to the Indian ocean with pride that this bit of land carved out for us was a nation behind which stood a progressive Islamic ideology!  We gained the wisdom of a social system that only a few could have perceived as freedom to ensure that we tried to ensure democracy.  We gained the ability to reincarnate our past every few years military rule – supposed democracy – military rule – democracy supposedly – now start again (you get my point) We also inherited the fantastic ability to never let go and let our scars heal.  We also by the grace of Almighty Allah inherited the ability to seek for short term happiness rather than invest in a long term solution.  As a nation we have bashed and brutally assassinated every person who came to power (because we empowered them in the first place) and this justifies my last point of what we inherited together – vanity and hypocrisy.

We always have a reason to whine moan and groan about what is wrong,  Give us a cowboy hat and the statue of liberty and guess what we could also do a fine job at messing up the rest of the world should we find time to stop squabbling amongst ourselves.  We are PAK ISTAN which is translated means we are the land of the pure.  Now if you look at this crystal vase that we supposedly are then we have one religion which is supposed to predominate over the land but that is split into the shias and the sunnis – when not squabbling over who’s right and who’s wrong in a land that was formed that every muslim would be free these two sects are further divided amongst themselves and on can identify them from the color of their turbans from the province of sindh they start with green and then black and when they get to the Pashtun province some say you might even see a pink turbaned couple of males walking hand in hand.  So in principle we love to be united yet different.  Now every province speaks a separate language and each of its prominent citizens who love the aspect of feudalism still fuel the ideology of getting something for free…  these bigwigs wind up at most places to get whatever they can from their social clout and then the love to complain how terrible it was.

What happened to one nation working together and living the dream the Quaid saw.  Now we have Quaid Altaf / Quaid Sharif (with or without a big wig) Quaid Zardari  and so on.  Why do we even elect a person to power if we are going to start bashing him or her for every action they take.  This whole deal of stating that our president is off gallivanting in Europe whilst Pakistan drowns makes us look bad.  What do they want – AZ to show up with a hand pump at every doorstep…  This is ridiculous we have a system so why not let it work.  If people do not want to work or leave their land cruiser because they will step in a puddle then fine but why do our people take personal pleasure in criticizing mocking and making fun of everything any government tries to do.

First they called him Mr. ten percent…  his graduation certificate upheld the entitlement of a murderer and a thief…  ok so what was Pakistan thinking when they empowered him.  Where were all those who were willing to be so called martyrs when they gave him the right to oust a military dictator.  I’m sure that this polo player did not ride in wielding a polo stick and knock out the senate and the assembly… then why did they let him get elected… further more why were they all there for the first few months thinking that it was going to be a party of pirates on board the jolly roger.

Everyone came every one partied everyone had hopes everyone had dreams and then they started crying when the honeymoon was over…  nobody thought that they would have to take responsibility…  One man cannot come to power alone a nation brought him to power under this inherited democracy – so a whole nation has to be a part of the here and the now of what is going on and take responsibility. Either that or a cocktail mixture of Prozac and valium might do the trick mixed with some fermented beverages (only for medicinal purposes of course) in the upper ranks of those who stir up trouble. 

The day we learn to take responsibility and actually love to love our selves can we love anyone else and a country…  We are bloody patriotic whilst we clean the toilets of Heathrow…  we love to stand 12 hours in line to see if we would get a chance to be on either side of the Niagara falls – but have we ever planned a vacation to shandur where polo the sport of kings was born.  Do we travel to the thar desert to see the majesty of the sunset…  do we walk down the old bazaars of Rawalpindi and lahore and look up at the grace of those structures that withstood the time… Do we ever drive by Faisalabad and wonder why there are six directions leading out of the center of the town…  Do we ever go to old karachi to see if those food vendors we used to beg for munchies on credit are still there…  I guess not because we are too busy texting someone whilst driving daddy’s car about how bad it is not to be able to be on face book as we are stick in traffic. 


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