Saturday, August 21, 2010


When a person is alive we do our best to humiliate / mock / ridicule and destroy them…  When the same person is six feet under we ensure that we elevate the being that once was to the level of a saint so that we can free our selves from the chains of guilt! -  written by me!

There was a girl named pinky!...  She was born into an affluent family in Pakistan…  As she grew up she witnessed character and then the death of her father…  Educated by the best house of education in England she was prosecuted beaten and bashed by many who could not even care…  a few years later after surviving society she was lucky to have been around when the need of the common man was in search of a leader! 

Pinky defined all that the people wanted!  A soft face to represent them, the vigor that they needed to survive and the vision to forsee hope for the common man.   After years of suffering many tragedies … luck smiled upon her and somehow she got the chance to do something good. God only knows if it was bad luck or just misfortune that on the poker table she was playing she got dealt a terrible hand.

Pinky was someone who we all loved to hate – yet once around her we hated to love her…  they say that murder is a crime of passion as only if you give a damn about someone can you commit murder.  Pinky committed murder!  She killed her own hopes and dreams to live for others.  She was a smile one could count on and a muslim woman amongst a whole nation of confused conservatives who loved the ideology of as long as its not my neck on the line then it’s cool…

Being a mother a daughter and a wife pinky did her bit…  But then the bit did her in.  One day pinky met a tragic fate and the people went insane.  They hated to love her but yet the love of hate was stronger….  Pinky was gone and now the people were lost… There was no one to blame…  When we buried Pinky we buried an ideology of freedom and choice…  the sad thing is that even in misery there is some kind of profit and with the current situation we tend to overlook our own misery with a quick fix resolution.  The body that was buried in some hick town was that of a girl next door… 

Today the misery carries on in the form of a legacy…    No matter what will happen we will never forget Pinky and the legacy will never remember Pinky!  Pinky was  an excellent friend a mother and a brilliant mind…  She was also a terrible politician that could not keep her friends at a distance and her enemies closer…

God Bless you Pinky!

(Pinky was the pet name of the late Benazir Bhutto!)

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