Thursday, August 26, 2010


It all started when there was an advert in the daily dawn on a Sunday looking for a marketing manager. A young man who though he was everything and rocked applied for this job. When he met up with the would be employer a lot was promised and in a shoe box office in central coffee house opposite Metropole hotel a sick and twisted friendship started.

The job was to develop business – which this man did not do… it was to manage the staff and in his exited nature he tried to do and to manage things around the office… the end result was that the staff wound up getting arrested for a heinous crime by the civil lines thana in Karachi and too for a crime against the state… The job was unique in the early nineties as the hours were dusk till dawn… and no they were not selling flesh or any illegal beverages of any kind and also we were innocent to the modern days uses of powder…
During this time a kinky love to hate kind of friendship was formed and a weird concept of have to respect due to society was formed between two individuals from two completely different trains of thought. One was running from the demons that plagued him of guilt from the family for not joining the established decade old business. The other was recovering from the stress of having being released from incarceration in central jail Karachi.

After the arrest the entire goof troupe disbanded pretty much like the Christian bands at the village when Happy became not so happy and Fehmeed found other avenues to support a parallel income as now the Lufthansa and other carriers had a choice. The friendship continued and after years of trying to work with each other the two realized that oil and water never mix. Internally both of these chaps grew and friends of the more conservative one like jeff pulver ensured that this guy would keep plugging away at it.

As time went by the other one dabbled in all kinds of employment misery that if you looked at the resume you would strongly believe that the only thing he did not do was commit murder… Planning parties to failed attempts at even owning a restaurant you name it this guy did it… finally he sat down and started understand the world of a black screen.
The other one had an old friend join him – a practically insane woman who wanted something to believe in and I guess was on the rough path to trying to understand the wisdom of her own gods. To add to the concoction the conservative chap hired a complete idiot who was honest but a complete idiot as he entertained the entire off until he broke his leg one morning pegging it home on a scooter… The American lady and the conservative florida return also engaged another chap… if you looked at him you would have sworn that Osamas genetic code was in there somewhere but never the less fun and a stabling factor this entire insane office off tipu sultan road…

If you have seen an episode of mind your language and fawlty towers then you have picture of what went on in there. You had a developer who was the Pakistani brains a totally not so confused maulana and a cheeky little git who would not let any female staff be. To add to the joys there was a freeloading land lord who always added to the confusion at the worst moments in the best of times… after a decade of mayhem and struggling the world accepted this mans work and the ministry made him legal… ok so now the government had endorsed him but I knew his backside hurt from all the rogering that time had done to him… END HERE AND FILL IN THE SPACE with the other chap

The other chap made it as COO of an international business conglomerate backed by the shaheen foundation went on to train under Doctor Mohammad Younis and conceive the ideology to destroy the hawala and hundi system with mobile banking… with Norwegian help in Bangladesh this man also developed key portals to acquire business from the west. On his wedding day he got a salaami in the form of you are fired because – a night job is not possible any more… so this chap went on to dabble in movie theatres – work with the best minds of this nation and even started an establishment that would take your little Suzuki fx and stick a rocket in the back when he was not dealing with his own internal demons.

START AGAIN – Today Rehan Allah Walla can clearly be defined as the educated Godfather of VOIP in Pakistan and is a respected name internationally. Suzanne Bowen found her nirvana in her family support and being the lifeline that rescued Rehans sanity many times. Shady – Shahid is still hobbling around a technology office but commands respect for his jail term with Rehan. Muneeb Iqbal the maulana now has a degree from an accredited university and has not left his beliefs of islam or faith in Rehan. He is a partner today… The big mouthed guy still loves them and lives in Islamabad and when bored sits and thinks of the time that Salman Ansari and The minister for IT made it possible for them to be released from civil lines thana.

We were the first call center we were better than good we were reaaaaaly bad – today we are friends and we all live by the code that technology is super –
If you are in outsourcing then meet the team who lived the reality before it was an idea in your friends mind!

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