Thursday, August 26, 2010


The almighty bestowed upon mankind the religion known as Islam – in order that humans may understand this religion and want to embrace it he gifted us our holy Prophet (PBUH) and revealed to this divine being what we follow today – The Holy Quran. Further to this Allah the almighty added the arch angel Gabriel to guide the Prophet as his own journey was that of discovery and to teach and lead by example…

Allah tests every human and he threw another once favorite into the ballpark… Iblis / Lucifer the devil or whatever you call him. Lucifer was an angel before he became all bad and one of the seven mortal sins made him fall from grace which was vanity.

I am a critic who runs away from the endless sectarian debates about religion but last night I had dinner with the damned in the form of an ideology that almost shook my belief that my country would survive… I am sad to say that in trying to go to heaven we are knocking at the doors of hell. We are divided we are torn apart by insecurity and are being divided not by external politics rather our own skeletons that we tried to keep in a suitcase with an extra foreign passport and a clean pair of boxers…

For anything that happens we blame the west… we have gone on intellectual witch hunts to look for conspiracies of the CIA – freemason ideologies – neo nazi – you name it as long as we don’t have to bear an overcoat of guilt then were good to go… We are a nation of fools rather condemned men and women walking towards the gallows and the funny thing is that we are pushing to get ahead. I’m very sure that once six feet under even the maggots would refuse to feed of the sins we will be buried with…

What utter crap why blame the man sleeping with your wife (the west) because you found out on facebook? My friend and fellow reader if you are running from anything that is the truth of knowing and accepting the reality of the here and now. When you were conceived by your parents and opened your eyes to the world as a citizen of Pakistan your education began the day you were born. Even though at your work place people start from zero and climb up the corporate ladder of bull crap your religion and your maker give you the best seat in the movie theatre of life.

With Allah and Islam you were born into this world pure and when the Azaan was whispered in to your ears the HR department of heaven gave you an A+++++ as you had a clean slate. Now answer this if Allah never judged you then who or what gave you the right to pass on the responsibility for your actions and bitch and moan about where you are today. I’m angered by the west saying that we are all terrorists and I’m disgusted by the lies we tell to our selves… I am saddened that no one follows the true meaning of Islam and those who have the gift to read the Holy Quran decipher as they feel fit to serve a purpose to the masses.

According to the Christian faith (certain scriptures) Eve was not the first wife of Adam… Lilith was but she was not as perfect as Adam wanted her to be so the belief is that she was cursed to walk amongst mankind as a demon for all mankind… This is what is happening everyone in Pakistan is feeling hurt and rejected. The nation is confused those who have the ability to do something are intoxicated by the seven deadly sins surrounding the aid supposed to come to this nation.

I’m sad I because I was born a muslim and had a hundred points on my mark sheet the day I was born. Today I am nothing close to an F and those who mis lead me cant even give an F. I hope I will see the light (Pakistan) to realize that all religions forgive those who have lost their way…

Don’t fight back – write back!

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