Monday, August 30, 2010


When I was ye high (teenager) university and the promised land was my home for half a decade. I studied nothing but became obese with a steady diet of cholesterol and carbohydrates and everything fizzy. My mother found a new obsession to help me reduce weight and with endless tries of her hiding all the sweets leave alone sugar many an ugly scene took place in our living room. Her concern was my physical health and my wisdom argued that she would not let me live in peace…

When I got married my waist was proudly 58 inches… I was waddling around the halls of my office and every time I bent over to pick up a stapler or a pen that had fallen I was afraid that in broad daylight the world would see a full moon as the fabric of my trousers was giving its best to hold my carcass together… I could not put on my shoes and climbing up a few steps was something that was like meeting Edmund Hillarys challenge. Yes I was the fastest to make a dash across the room and swipe candy from a baby and the quickest to dissect a pizza in not so equal portions.

Today 33 months after being married I am 39 inches on my waist and able to do a lot more than I could. The credit goes to my wife. I would like to share this secret of losing weight with you as I feel it could benefit you or anyone you know so that you don’t feel like I did. My wife’s recipe was and is a success for all and I hope that it works for you…

Rule one – feel good and let go of your demons – most people are obese because they find pleasure in food that makes up for their lacking in other social issues.
Rule two – eat regularly and at set times – my breakfast usually is a bowl of cereal or even a couple of eggs on buttered toast then as lunch comes I eat a usually anything even fried but I don’t stuff my self – I eat my dinner by 7pm and nothing else after that maybe a cup of green tea
Rule three – keep drinking water all day and keep on having green tea – any will do just be sure that its not loaded with sugar
Rule four – try being a little active and find another hobby other than playing remote control football.
Rule five – enjoy life

It’s very simple and easy – bottom line… discipline your lifestyle and you will lose weight… See you on the thinner side…

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