Saturday, August 28, 2010


When one looks at any website related to technology outsourcing or any virtual business one sees a really hot chick or a super stud from the covers of GQ representing the glamour that goes with success of minting trillions through technology… Bill Gates, The Google Duo and of course the modern day God Father of all social networking the CEO of facebook… All men each an everyone of them spent a fortune to develop an image from being the geek behind the screen with a root beer and Doritos to a powerful corporate war monger… Now if we look at Pakistan and we all take a peek at our own tech world it’s almost the same except one needs to remove the demi Gods and replace them with our very own female version let’s call her phoolan devi .

Our technology bandit queen is a great fan of the arts extremely well respected in several international circles as someone who has an extremely firm grip on reality and is known to be one who can give very sound advice in any forum. In our so called country where its male dominated and men take all the credit and blah blah blah our bandit queen has rallied our troops fought wars against the government for freedom of various issues and been a major guiding factor in the success of many success stories who drive their leased bmw’s today…

I’m surprised she has not been nominated for a position in the national assembly in Pakistan as she definitely would help take this country forward to the next generation. Our zorro of the virtual highways is bit weird. When Pakistan was on 9600bps our bandit queen did not run with the typical caliber of 30bore (Pentium) her weapon of choice was and still is the Mac. There was no support for mac in Pakistan leave alone any support for a PC yet she stuck to the G forces that held a mac together and waged war.

I was the first employee for only 30 days of Phoolans Army of Sociopaths that Heaven Allowed (PASHA) and I had the honor of working for her and in gaining my sanity driving her to the brim of suicide. Yet to this day I have the utmost regard for this crusader for the betterment of Pakistan via technology as she started something wonderful. Phoolan is the lifeline of Pakistan’s technology solution today or as we say the Jehan behind the throbbing heart of this industry…

She is without any chip on her shoulder a very qwerky sense of humor and has the ability to smile through any battle that will easy many a tension. Today the bandit queen will be written about in history when she leaves her throne… what she started as an ideology is something that will never die out like the flame of the Olympic torch… her army of geeks armed with key boards lethal mice can and will wage war upon finding a solution to Pakistans needs. All they need is wifi and caffeine. Their Jehan to them is a friend a mentor and someone who will never allow them to give up the fight even though the odds she has faced in life would scare the hardest of tycoons… There is a gangster terminology known as Mac Daddy well Pakistan has its own Mac Momma and she is definitely a force not to be reckoned with even though she is stuck in a DELL pc world…

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