Saturday, August 21, 2010


For years now I have heard about the famous world war and how Adolf Hitler brainwashed a nation into committing genocide. For the same amount of years I have been witness to the west screaming to the world press about how we in Pakistan breed hate through our religious institutions better known as madrassahs. Also I have been at various venues where it was discussed how we as a nation we harboring those who bred hate and brainwashed the masses into thinking that the west was evil… I always kept quiet as I am a citizen of Pakistan and was somewhat embarrassed at the possibility of this being true…

There is a saying that one should not cast a stone when one lives in a glass house... or should they!

I had a great revelation from the Angel of Hollywood when I sat munching popcorn amongst a few foreigners in a hall where the new movie SALT was playing. With lips that screamed where’s the lollipop and a carefully highlighted and better than catwalk physique Angelina Jolie hopped around the whole movie which had multiple plots. Being somewhat analytical I was shocked to see the undertone of the film… Then I realized that supposed blockbusters that had come out over the years had all not earned much revenue from the box office as they all had a plot where either Vietnam / Russia / Iraq and then Israel & Afghanistan now North Korea, Pakistan & Afghanistan have been the stage settings for all that is bad in the west.

The funny thing is that not only did these movies meet up to expectations rather neither did the red white and blue crusade against whatever the cause was do well at all. When Warbus – Platoon and Full Metal jacket came out it showed courage and the true hog riding hero but in reality they got spanked in Vietnam very badly like a school boy and had to resort to agent orange which has had disastrous effects till this date on their own healthcare due to their own being affected by it.

The allied west got their way with Saddam but then they could not eradicate an entire school of faith (that would be what hitler did) but recent flicks that depicted their success like Jarhead etc depicted fantastic extractions of western prisoners and abductees when Pakistan was undergoing its internal nuclear issues George Clooney and Nicole Kidman starred in a action packed movie where the nuclear device was created by a man who was from Pakistan and obviously a shia muslim.

Enter Rambo three and the beginnings of the afghan troubles and now with the sinking of the boats in eastern waters jolie hops around with Russian and North Korean ties… After being gangraped by them and abducted by them… She in turn is a modern day alice in wonderland who when she went down the hole came out with a hot figure an uzi but had made a choice to defect to the west… ironically they don’t have too much success over there either… Kim Jong whoever is still eating his noodles and all the west is doing is burning fuel on the seas. Now it needs the fuel so it can’t leave Iraq either… hmmmmmmmm…..

If we teach our children about Islam we breed terrorists – But if Hollywood shows their sexpot being ravaged by North Koreans to children who idolize her does that not also breed hate in a more aggressive manner… I want to ask you isn’t this subliminal messaging at its very best… If these children grow up hating anything to do with a religion or a country then guess what Hitler won! Now that we all live in glass houses who has the rocks to cast the first stone!

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