Saturday, August 21, 2010



VIGILANTE JUSTICE FROM AN UNEDUCATED SOCIETY Today I am crying tears of blood. I have watched over and over a video where two brothers were the subject of vigilante justice. Who gives a flying crap if they were guilty or not. The best thing is that the administration and the local government fueled this fire and made a mockery of the oath they took to protect the people.

The law has failed miserably and whilst some dsp or sho is sitting and drinking tharra for iftar they will never be held accountable. We need to arrest the whole wu tang clan that was there including the city nazim and make an example that this should never happen again. We are a country with laws and we claim to be the best muslims by exercising especially in this month of fasting what is known as patience – isn’t this a kind of blasphemy.

This is bloody ridiculous and according to video documentation the city nazim his whole administration and the law enforcement officials need to be brought up on charges of man slaughter. Exercise Islamic justice here and give each of these buggers a lashing atleast 50 lashes each and strip them naked and parade them in the parks. How dare they allow anyone to be a subject to this. Even if those boys were wrong and guilty then they should not have fueled the fire whilst focusing on whats up for iftar. The courts are there for that…

We claim to west that we are not barbaric as we push a begging bowl out but then what the hell is this… These people are protecting us or are they the root cause for anarchy… Make an example and exercise Islamic justice as all conventional forms of educated justice has miserably failed here… Every human rights act and law has been violated and every law to protect a citizen of this country has been violated…

Watch the video – don’t turn your head away – see what the country is coming too and write back to fight back


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