Saturday, August 21, 2010



If you are a parent then you have surely come across the most famous one of these “Where do babies come from?” asked by your offspring whilst you are in the midst of looking totally cool and do not need embarrassment.  If you are a citizen of Pakistan then I am sure the most commonly FAH-Q that is going through your grey matter is “Who should I give money to in this disaster so that my money or donation will be of good use?”

Well lo and behold I have the answer that might help you understand the BIG FAH-Q ”increase the salaries of your hired goons and also invest in an arsenal of all kinds of weapons and security systems to guard your moveable and immovable assets!”

Why because one needs to understand that necessity is the mother of all invention and right now over 14 million homeless people are sitting on road sides in a state of shock without food and water.  So whilst we drive around going to our iftar parties in our leased plastic surroundings these chaps have nothing at all not even a home…  also do consider history all the greatest wars have been fought over land, religion and women, so you have a whole army of those whom you ignored who after they recover from the shock of being done over by nature will start moving in huge caravans towards the cities…  These people will be questioning their faith will be looking for a piece of land and will be trying to protect their women…

When they see you driving around in your new Honda civic and your kids have all the cash that you borrowed for to give them for eidi this will add their frustration…  Reality is that after hanging around the street corners they will be abused by the very same cops that you paid to keep them away and you will not realize that those who are of that society who are protecting you area a part of them…  Blood is thicker than water and soon it shall start to trickle…

This will give rise to inflation which will not affect you right now but then it will also lead to increasing the blood flow as your servants start feeding those who have come down for which they were earning money.  Now the masses have a vision and any opportunist will start screaming roti kapra makaan and guess what eventually you will have to give in…  My prediction is that the cars you drive will be armor plated – you will never be able to go to the atm without being jacked for the 5,000 ruppees that you took out for your manicure and all because u never stopped to think about FAH-Q

The FAH-Q that had to be considered a long time ago was what should we have don’t to prevent the present FAH-Q that we face today…  the answer comes in the form of one word…  EDUCATION!  Had we educated the masses and the people rather than buying an arsenal of god only knows what we could have avoided this flooding by nature – which in turn would have kept us safe driving around to Clifton – Liberty and Daman E Koh…

This is also an indirect flood warning – The flood of people about to descend upon your cities will drown the cities resources in crime and poverty…  Please buy a life saver that is fully automatic and train your kids how to use them…  Please understand that desperate times call for desperate measure and that these are desperate people… If we had given them a book some time ago then today we would not have to buy weapons… The answer to the last big FAH-Q that your kids will ask you is that “guns don’t kill people – people kill people!” 

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