Saturday, August 28, 2010


Being from the educated class of society, I guess I am one who has joined the masses. I am confused if I am guilty of ignorance or the impotence to accept reality. Today being a resident of Islamabad as I come and go from the various offices the hot topic seems to be how to profit from charity…

Being verbose I have had many emails asking me to ask people to donate and every mail has had the required account number into which this profit is to be deposited. When one asks people what they are doing and if they have a structure to save this country from aids with the AID that is supposed to come we get inconsistent vague ideas and hopes from people who have no clue as to what a disaster actually means.

Also one needs to understand a few things over here. Before you run around looking for a cause to support like going around the rotary merry go round or roaring with the lions club we need to seek and define organizations that actually make a difference and would be able to help society if not Pakistan. As a muslim we are taught that our Rasool (PBUH) had a thing known as noor. But as the spiritual children of our prophet people often don’t discover that this noor is within them as well. The noor is ones spirit and is also known as the rooh.

With Hazrat Muhammad we used to say that it is his noor and still do because his rooh was pure as could be but with our own belief we can somehow only realize that we have a rooh. If lucky maybe we will discover the Noor to take us to that enlightened place in our minds to do good where our roohs will go to heaven.

I actually met a Noor (a physical person with that very name) who happened to head a very esteemed department in education which often goes un recognized. This department is supposed to train our existing army of teachers to stop using sticks and stones to fight the education wars and head off towards adopting technology. I am angered by the odds that face Noor everyday as the name is certainly lived up to. Yet like the masses I am subject to standing still and being quiet as the external and internal forces of insecurity are afraid that someone might be able to do something good for a change.

If you are from the new school of thought then you know how to make someone remember you leave alone respect… I’m talking remember you. It’s easy defraud them of a small amount in cash or kind or if in a position to help them, make empty promises that lead to nothing at the end of the day. Your inefficiency will kill them and they will remember you like mad.

People are unique as we are born alone even if you are lucky to have a twin you will be buried alone and judged alone… So I ask you this time when you are looking for a cause – ask around the circles of education… What is noor? Who is noor? And where is noor? Maybe a lot of your own questions about where your rooh will be once you have met this being. Noor can be found somewhere deep inside our hearts and if you look for a living example she can be found in H8 Islamabad…

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