Saturday, August 21, 2010


Democracy is the best revenge is a cliché often plagiarized by people who wanted a little bit of camera time and even though they stated it they never meant it…  In our democratic nation we have gone against all odds and elected people who have had dual nationalities to add to our achievements in our version of democracy we have also had our main commercial center run by various visionaries who gave up the citizenship of this land.  In my opinion we have been very good with our profiling of this murder of crows that murdered democracy. 

We ensure that each of our leaders is ensured with safe passage out of this nation either via a dual nationality being hidden somewhere or something that we all hate known as the ECL fails to be updated miserably or gets lost when we need it the most. Bottom line we do not support our own words by letting them be accountable after the democratic murder of crows has assassinated the hopes of an entire country.

To disguise the real issues we have established clearly that anyone with a beard of over six inches is to be blamed and when we can’t find anyone then blame it on the red white and blue.   Yeah anything will do as long as it takes away focus from the crux of the matter.  In reality if we look at the western ideology of democracy let’s start with Amreeeka.  According to what is stated in the constitution we all know that an immigrant can never be the custodian of the seal of the 52 states… it is also to be noted that the person be of a certain age and rise through the ranks of the “system”.  First of all every one of us has a hidden agenda and as Pakistani’s we are well known for tucking away the second passport.  To add to the list of demons in our wallets let’s just say that we always blame the system that we have created \i had a discussion with an Islamic scholar once who stated that the bible has many versions – I could as a citizen of this country relate to that very clearly as yes our constitution also has the old testament and then many new versions to suit every progressive leader to suffice his for-ex accounts. 

I am a firm believer that the true training for washing away all your sins for judgment day begins when you are reborn as a politician.  This second birth is unique it’s a special birth as it give you extreme focus.  Focus on how block your conscience focus on how to manipulate people and the world to achieve material wellbeing and the ability to strip away or hide your humanity.  

Why do we blame America for everything that happens to us or keep bitching about how we were enslaved by the British.  It is purely disgusting to watch as the murder of crows hide behind a thin veil of religion, violence and aristocratic rights and fancy cigars attacking the west for all that has happened in the past.  The funny thing is these people were the ones who ran off to Britain not bhawalpur for a holiday and had some relative in Chicago not shikarpur and went hunting for fabrics in France and not Faisalabad.  When not planning a business trip they are conning some low life person who could not make it here into marrying of their spawn. 

Before I end my wailing and whining about blaming the west I wanted to chat about those who found islam and were re-born Pakistanis whilst picking up trash in ellis island or scrubbing toilets in heathrow…  All these ding dongs do is come back as terribly confused people and confuse our own here.  Under the guise of religion and whilst stroking their beards they claim to know how to fix Pakistan but as long as they don’t have to stay here…  As long as these people have a quick exit option they will create trouble cause confusion and run back to their jobs as cab driverse.
If you want to fix Pakistan then make it an important part of being elected that once you stand for any office in the so called failed system you will hand over your other passport and only hold onto a green one.  Also make it a point that anyone who is in office and has just been ousted by fate or retired needs to spend a minimum of five years here in this country…  if you want to add to the filtration process and murder the murder of crows then change the name of the ECL to PCL (politician control list)

To skip down the rabbit hole further stop bashing the HEC and universities and anything red white and blue and tell these people that it does not matter how textually enlightened they are rather they need to be audited whilst in office and out of office…  bottom line FREE THE PRESS…

Every few years a murder of crows kills us a little more by bringing us on the verge of civil war but all these murderers really want to go to heaven.  And I believe that (not joking) as a fellow citizen I ask you to tell them that heaven only comes after you die… 
Respect to those with one passport…

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