Thursday, August 26, 2010


In 1992 when I returned from Amreeeeka all wise and full of myself I realized that my fingers were itching to get at a key board. Oh but Pakistan had just discovered 9,600bps connections. It was like getting out of an F-16 and hopping into a Cessna.

Ok but we make do with what we have and I ventured off to Clifton to ensure that I would get a Great Deal if not good deal. After many a promises made if I left a deposit I wandered off to a mezzanine floor. There was this bright memon chap (I had been warned of memons) and this other memon chap who had one eye. As I told them what I wanted the good looking one told me that it will be possible if I gave him time… coming from a centrino environment I was shocked to realize that I was stuck in a P1 world and quite peeed off about it… finally I ordered something and it arrived…

Aaah the joys of a 3.2 gb hard drive and a whole one hundred and twenty eight mb of ram – I was flying and wooo hoo life ruled – but then again the fluctuation of Karachi fluctuated my computer and happiness and I was again stuck outside my virtual world of happiness in the form of MIRC…

Pissed off and feeling screwed over... I called this guy the good looking memon one and before I knew it I had a smile on my face as at no cost to me he fixed what I thought was wrong. That was the day an element of respect was developed. A few years later we met up and he was older married and an outcast from his community for not marrying into it and bankrupt. He did not ask for money rather slowly and surely smiled at his fate when he was about to have his first child and bore the insanity of the family pressure on both sides…

I learned one thing in life from this man that what doesn’t kill will only make you stronger. Pakistan underwent a major crisis where the FIA was arresting people left and right for credit card fraud… Yet somehow this guy launched the first true internet online shopping portal. Banks laughed at him – friends begged him not too and I for one started digging a grave in case he committed suicide… Every man has a weakness and for this chap his community became an entire city that is accesable instantly… Cuban cigars – to the most elite technology one can image will be at your door step GUARANTEED WITH A SMILE IN UNDER 24 HRS!

The man is Abid Beli who stuck to his old principles of quality and his low pricing made him unpopular as he never bargains. The best thing about this whole article is that I’m not trying to promote him rather I just realized that if a guy from a minority in Karachi was able to stand and deliver an honest product with a warranty and honestly make a success of it from simple honesty then shouldn’t the entire nation dump insecurity and invest in quality?

You figure it for yourself and let me know – its just a question!

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