Saturday, August 21, 2010


To understand this article you will have to have a love for the great William Shakespeare, It is the time of need and shylock is at Pakistan’s door. The begging bowls are our and those with the best influence over others will strip the international community of whatever it can offer. The reality is that a lot will be promised and a many a hand shaken over the false sense of not getting conned by an army of liars who have the genetic code known as a “BS” strand which defines their dna.

So now that shylock has given money and we have sold all the rights to the coal in the thar desert, all our farm land in Punjab and all our minerals from the NWFP we will never feel a thing when he is out and about looking for that pound of flesh in repayment because we will be busy sorting out the pillaging and looting when the residents start reclaiming their newly dried lands. After the US civil war North America claimed that slavery had ended as the physical chains were thrown away but an entire mindset that followed the free-mason philosophy of its own did not allow the mental change to take place. I for one am really excited (sarcastically) to know that we will have lots of red white and blue if not even a spot of orange added to our flags color. Being a fifty third state could help with visa issues and we already have living forms of the Hindu gods in our politicians such as kali and hanuman and somehow Shiva also dons a uniform with all the required stars.

So if you are a donor agency please give us tons of money and if you are confused then how about trying something different rather than giving a blank cheque to the man with the biggest cigar and a flock of hired camera goons. Please invest in our education ministry and allow us to tell you the need of the hour – yes there are educated people here who don’t really care about silly distractions and could help this nation. These are usually the ones who have just gotten over the soreness of being rogered by a bunch of politicians who could not even spell their own names right. Funny thing is that politicians come and go but the working machinery tend to last for a longer time. The ultimate high is power and the ultimate form of stupidity is to think that these goons will last long enough to outlast those who will have to do the work.

Allow the Ministry of education to use each university as a fortress and allow these universities to teach during the days and house and shelter the masses at nights. Allow us to make our engineering students do field work and design cheap effective housing from what the land provides – assure you that these guys will not become macguyver and create an arsenal. If you fund us then our existing medical students can fulfill part of their house jobs in treating the sick and get the best form of exposure. Why do you want to spend money in bringing your doctors here from across borders when we have our own. Also our pharma industry is the biggest in toll manufacturing and it can sustain the medicines required,

If you really care then let our civil defense system work and don’t give them guns rather allow this civil defense army to be formed by women who are educated that can go and give time in telling the innocent victims how they should prevent the mass spreading of disease, Should you think that your conscience will allow then give us aid that will actually help us and not you in the international press… We want one thing from you… Not your helicopters not your armed forces because our war is against nature and forces beyond our control… We want your faith in us that we will survive should you have your intelligence agencies leave us alone and not play with corrupt emotions leading us towards more destruction.

This country was formed on an Islamic belief and it promised sanctuary to all muslims and people of all walks of life… Right now we the citizens feel it is a prison where you are the wardens and we are bound by your irrational demands that you claim only come from people who can be kidnappers. I believe my country is a hostage right how…
In short the funding you give should be given to educated people within the Minsitry of education and Higher Education commission as they are educated and not over smart. These are people who have bought their degrees with hard work sweat and after meeting legal requirements not over a gprs connection with a stolen credit card.

If you can’t do this then have the courage to admit what profit you seek out of this so called charity and tell us to our face. We survived for 60+ years I think we can survive a few more…

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