Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Decades after Pakistan has withstood the battering of injustice, politics, religious sectarianism, and the insanity of losing its identity Pakistani’s are yet slowly stripped away again of one of their moral and civic rights – The right to voice an opinion!  Forget why just go back in literature and not history…  READ GEORGE ORWELLS ANIMAL FARM – there was a saying that all animals are created equal – we tend to live by the latter half of the statement “some animals are more equal than others!” which people tend to oversee unless it pinches them in life.    
Pakistan was founded as a moderate Islamic Nation where Muslims could seek safe haven and have all the rights and liberties as per the ummah.  It is Blasphemy when one tends to strip away the right for one to communicate vai the latest fiasco of blocking Facebook.  As we have scholars who make these decisions one would like to ask them what they were thinking when they took away the right for a person to communicate with another person. 
The West tends to feel that any sight promoting Islamic values is harboring a hidden message of promoting terrorism.  The East (India) will not allow a Muslim to own land or have rights of succession in that nation due to the insecurity of losing what they have as a country.  The United Kingdom just recently stated that as the conservatives are in all immigrants who came to England after 1980 and invested in Uk as well as built Uk should simply catch the next bus home… I would not be surprised if we could find double decker routes in London with the sign – PAK ATTACK on it…   The reason why? Because they realized that the queen would have to be re-named Hajiani Elizabeth the 1st and they were scared that The house of lords might be renamed LARD THA GHAR – MIRPUR JERA MUNDA – All this because unlike some stone worshipping brainless goody two shoes from the country of the TAJ MAHAL our religion united us. 
The great religion of Islam preaches peace, justice and our Holy Book The Almighty Quran delivers a perfect way of life.  Yet the west tends to frown upon only one thing…  “how could a band of gypsies unite under one call to prayer.”  They do not realize the ideology behind Islam and their uneducated reactions depict fear in the highest order.  To basically make a point.  Islam is growing – Islam sees no color – Islam sees no boundary or border – Islam is a faith not a cult – Islam is not a movement it is a belief in hope an honesty and paradise in the hereafter when one has led an honest good life.
There is a saying “if you want to go to heaven – you HAVE TO die!” so far I have not seen anyone ready to challenge this belief of common sense.  Then please tell me why do we suffer if we are good Muslims at the hand of the uneducated ones who make such ridiculous decisions to block face book.  Face book or whatever web based social networking tool has promoted and helped the west in understanding that we are not all camel jockeys who perch up on a rock awaiting a gori to walk by so we can blow her up.
Technology has helped Islam in the best way possible…  The web has made it possible for scholars like Zakir Naik to deliver messages to the masses within seconds and has enabled blind people to witness the joy of being able to listen to naats.
If one tries to understand then one should know that every minute this earth is blessed with the sound of Azaan.  When the earth moves and Fajr is over in Pakistan it begins in Sri Lanka and so on.  My only sadness is that Fajr is blessed upon India before Pakistan…  When I asked a scholar he told me that “Allah wants those who need it most to hear his call to prayer and redemption. We are lucky as he feels that we have accepted the true path of living”  
Banning face book will not resolve the issue of blasphemy.  Even in Hazrat Muhammad’s (PBUH) days there were those who kept statues concealed in their robes whilst claiming to be true followers.  The point is that even the most blessed human being who was the purest of us all forgave and love was his weapon.  We need to forgive the uneducated and fight back with education.  Violence never solved anything.  We need to explain our beliefs and we need to respect the UMMAH. 
With the way the world is going the Pakistani Muslim youth is very frustrated and we need to give them motivation to not breed hate rather promote the message of Islam and the message of love.  One does not need to be a hafiz to be a good human being.  If you are a Hafiz then use your education to educate the youth about how they can fight without fighting and how they as the future of Pakistan need to hold onto their identity and deliver a message of solidarity and peace to the masses.  Islam the great religion united us and its ideology helped us found Pakistan.  In 1947 on August the 14th PAK-ISTAN (Land of the Pure) was born.
Just in case you are wondering let me remind you of what Pakistan was known for – in the 1960’s Pakistan International Airlines was the best airline of the world.  It helped give birth to Malaysian Airlines and Emirates International Airlines.  Pakistan has had great ambassadors of peace who were sportsmen, Jehangir Khan, Zaheer Abbas, and incase people did not know it Mr. Byram D. Avari who was an Olympian Gold medalist in sailing. Pakistani Doctors often led the war against drought in Ethopia and our Army has safeguarded the borders of several lands and our officers have ensured stability in the region…  Our Army is the best in the world and our legal system is amazing should one read the civil code of Pakistan.
What we cant do as educated masses is allow over smart uneducated hooligans to destroy the ideology of the Quaid and not practice tolerance and not teach people right from wrong… Today education is the best weapon and not democracy… 
Pakistan Zinda Bad and I’m proud to be a Muslim!

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