Thursday, February 11, 2010


If one were to understand the literal meaning of the word as mentioned in the title one would understand that it defines a positing that ensures the entire process of creating the brands image to a certain level is achieved...  Ok then why the hell does every company have a marketing manager / business development manager / relationship team...  bottom line - glorified terminology for idiots who could not make it big so settled for gas money and a free sim to go out and pimp substandard services to their relatives who eventually will hate their guts for having fucked them over with "A GREAT DEAL"

in todays day and age - marketing manger in reality is a glorified idiot that the company  has running around in a nice suit he was gifted by his or her inlaws to procure business in an environment where the consumer has become smart via pirated content off the web / inflation has fucked the spend power of people and  / most companies tell you to fuck off when it comes to customer service...

once this glorified tout gets any business for the company he is destroyed in reality as he now has to sit and recover the money for his employers who will not pay his wages unless the "fucking loss he has created for the unhappy boss who goes home and bangs his silicone wife is recovered...  so in short he is now a recovery agent...

all right now - some god forsaken idiot sitting miles away in another city has defined your targets irrespective of the situation of the country and this ding dong who sits and chats on face book all day "understanding" consumer patterns has no fucking clue as to what he is says because in reality this cheap 300 ruppee suit is in reality trying to score booze underage girls or has on the internet or looking for passwords to kiddieporn sites...  (FACT - Majority of the traffic over the internet is routed to porn sites from corporate owned IP's)

why dont people just make an honest product - everyone loves to buy a chinese mobile because it was cheap but no one loves to admit that its chinese...  if one has to get sales from glorified marketing managers then in short the dickheads sitting in the operations and delivery department better buck up rather than pushing the blame to a faulty sales process...  the people of our country are talented and are more hungry so that makes them excellent sales men - the fucked up thing is that the bosses have baap kamai and not AAP kamai so they dont understand the issues of the common man -

so pass this message on the prick who runs your establishment - deliver an honest product - provide customer service beyond par - have the ability to accept blame and then sit back and watch halal money roll in


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